Now that you know where to watch the World Cup, you might also need to know how to make predictions while sounding winningly knowledgeable about the great sport of soccer/football. That’s where the Bears’ head soccer coach Kevin Grimes comes in.

He’s predicting the Netherlands FTW, although he worries about them playing against Brazil, saying “If they end up losing to Brazil, I wouldn’t be shocked.” However he added that the Dutch had “good possession and organized defending.”

Bookmark these phrases and use them with your friends. Berkeley hasn’t taught you anything if you can’t manage to bluff your way into acting like you can dominate a conversation about any given subject.

Image source: Dundas Football Club under Creative Commons
Q&A with Kevin Grimes [Cal Official Athletic Site]


Ahem, ahem. Cough, cough. Pause. Shoulder shake. Deep breath. All together, now:


Felt good, didn’t it? That’s because, somewhere deep below  your American “football”-worshipping, NBA finals-obsessing exterior, your soul is totally freaking excited for the  2010 World Cup. (And not just because Nike’s commercial for it is probably the most genius and effective ad ever made. Ever.)

If you don’t have a TV, you will obviously want to congregate in public places with other sports fans to watch the games and share the magic. read more »

Leading Off… Ayala-Hil’s Golden Touch

The Cal men’s soccer team is finally rolling. The Bears have won four straight since their debacle against SDSU two weeks ago after Javier Ayala-Hil’s golden goal to beat Washington on Sunday. The streak has them soaring in the latest coaches poll, up to No. 7!

We don’t think Kevin Grimes is that great of a coach, but what he’s done with this young team is amazing.

Southern California Kind of Ownage

It’s great that the Cal men’s polo team got to the final of the SoCal Open on Sunday. But of course, the Bears had to play ‘SC in the final. Uh-Oh…that meant an automatic 6-5 loss for Cal.

We said it before, if the Bears want a title, they’ll have to burst the Trojans at some point…in the next millennia.

SoCal Ownage Part Deux

Speaking of ownage, the Cal volleyball team had the same amount of success in Los Angeles that the water polo team did – none. The Bears have lost three straight, including dropping both games at UCLA and at ‘SC.

Cal has never defeated the Southern Branch (UCLA) in Westwood and the team just couldn’t close out the Trojans. You can’t win NCAA titles unless you beat teams in your conference, and the Bears can’t do that yet.

On Your Marks…GO!

Both the men’s and women’s swimming teams got off to a great start. The Cal men downed Pacific in Stockton while the women got their groove on in the Midwest, downing both N’Western and Minnesota. Yay for swimming!

Gripe of the Weekend

We guess being preseason ranked in the top 10 doesn’t matter, at least for the Cal women’s soccer team.

The Bears finished one point – ONE POINT – away from the conference title last year, but they’re stumbling this year in Pac-10 play. Cal hasn’t won a conference game yet, and with only three weeks before the playoffs, this team doesn’t look like it’s gelled either. That’s a huge problem.

Golden Bears

1) Javier Ayala-Hil – men’s soccer
Two goals against U-Dub and the game-winner. Yeah, they’re rolling.

2) Marshawn Lynch – football
Finally, Marshawn gets hyphy! Season-high 152 yards on the ground and two scores as the Bears rolled onto their sixth straight win.

3) Daron Moore and Nina Henkel – women’s tennis
The lone bright spot for Cal at the St. Mary’s Invite over the weekend. The pair won the doubles title.