Gah, we’re sorry to keep doing this to you, our faithful readers, but there’s another event tonight Oct. 28 that you’re not gonna want to miss. Elizabeth Warren (yes, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, seen above with Speaker Nancy Pelosi) will be speaking tonight at MLK in the Pauley Ballroom at 8 p.m. Tickets are free and can be picked up in the lobby starting at 7 p.m.

The speech, entitled “Main Street First: Fixing Broken Markets and Rebuilding the Middle Class” is sure to be a doozy. This is the same Elizabeth Warren who zinged Geithner in a congressional hearing. This is the same Elizabeth Warren who’s a professor and a guest on “The Daily Show.” She’s sure to have something interesting to say, and she’ll explain it in terms that regular, non-economic-major folks can understand.

After all, she’s what we need-o.

Image source: Speaker Pelosi under Creative Commons
Lecture: Elizabeth Warren [UC Berkeley Events Calendar]


Jericho Mansions move

Looks like fun, no?You may have been too stressed out of your mind to notice that, while you were stalking angrily to your finals on Thursday and Friday, you were ruining family photos on Upper Sproul Plaza or in front of the Campanile. Yes, there is a reason for the sudden rash of people taking cheesy pictures … and that reason is graduation season Deep Impact film

Helter Skelter trailer


That means a lot of people walking around in caps and gowns, stopping in front of every building on campus, capturing their final Berkeley memories. It also means sometimes-semi-interesting commencement speakers. Some of these commencement speeches look pretty crash-able, especially the outdoor ones, so even if you don’t know anybody in the major, you might be able to catch some words of wisdom.

Image Source: m00by under Creative Commons
Graduation ceremony season starts Thursday, May 14 [NewsCenter

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