Be sure to pick up your copy of the Daily Cal today for a steaming hot pile of sex. That’s right, today marks the sex special issue, this time with a political slant. Just in time for Valentine’s Day so you can get your freak on.

We recommend checking out:

* Good Vibes weathering the economy
* FemSex’s longevity
* how to avoid Bush-isms in the sack
* the nexus of low cash and dating
* green sex toys (Let it be known that we did pen this one ourselves. We are shameless!)

Also related, the Daily Cal has launched a new sex blog in honor of its longest-running and most popular column. Well, that’ll drive the traffic. Man, it’s as if the world is telling you to go out and bone.

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal
Sex Issue [Daily Cal]
Sex on Tuesday Blog [Daily Cal]

The Homecoming special issue came out today, and if you missed it, you can still check out three of the stories. Former Clogger Gerald “Gerlad” Nicdao coedited the issue. (Yes, we still miss you.)

Current Clogger Krista Lane also contributed to the issue, writing a column about what Homecoming means to her (or more like what it doesn’t mean).

If you missed the issue, you can still fetch one tomorrow at the Daily Cal office, located on the 6th floor of Eshleman Hall.

The Clog recommends poring through:
1. Krista’s column, hello!
2. In Good Company, a mishmash of bios of fictional Berkeley alumni
3. Coming Attractions, a smattering of to-do’s on the back

Not Your Typical Homecoming [Daily Cal]
In Good Company [Daily Cal]