Nope, sorry folks, no Victoria Beckham in sight. But keep reading! The North Berkeley 7th Annual Spice of Life Festival is today. In place of a snooty fembot, you get fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Seems like a fair trade.

The spices start simmering 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Shattuck from Virginia to Rose Street. This will include demos from local chefs, gourmet street food, a farmers’ market, art exhibitions, farm animals, jazz bands, bossa nova, and something frighteningly referred to as “‘green’ coffin decorating.”

It’s enough to make anyone curious. At the very least it should be a nice airing-out of the city’s artsy types–a chance to see them in their full yarn-weaving, group-hugging, spice-making, hemp-sewing glory. And heck, read more »

Boy, do we love cheap fun. Alright, that sounded wrong. Boy, do we love cheap fun that doesn’t give us venereal disease. Much better. We also love cheap fun that happens on a monthly basis. (Sorry, we’ve got nothing to fix that one.) “Matcha” at the Asian Art Museum fulfills all of these criteria, and more!
(Video after the jump.) read more »