If the Bay Area literary scene produced an “Early 2000s Commemorative Bobblehead,” it would be in the shape of Dave Eggers, complete with eye patch, peg leg, baseball hat, and devilish grin. Love him or hate him, the man already has a sizable legacy of well-crafted writing and community outreach.

Berkeley philanthropes and McSweeney’s diehards alike flooded Berkeley Rep this week to watch Eggers converse with SF Chronicle’s Jon Carroll in a benefit for Park Day School in Oakland. Akin to most Bay Area literary charity functions, the talk comprised both humanizing personal stories and shameless plugs for Mission District non-profits fronting overpriced pirate regalia read more »

The Clog is actively seeking mercenary spies to crawl this area and beyond and to report to us with awkward findings.

We at the Clog are pretty darn close to all-knowing, but occasionally, we attend class and pretend to have a social life. During these rare occasions, we may miss out on something zany, thought-provoking, or flat out stupid that happens at or around campus … enter: You.

If you attend an interesting event in campus or in the Bay Area or catch wind of news pertaining to “student life”, we want to know about it. Email us a description of the topic and (if possible) a picture. Extra brownie points to you should you include entertaining commentary . If we like your goods, we’ll post about it. Easy peasy. We ask that you include your name in your email–we’ll rest better at night that way. We’ll maintain a level of anonymity in the actual post, and we’ll give credit where it’s due.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Email: [email protected]

Image Source: Andy Hay under Creative Commons

We couldn’t make it over to the “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade earlier today, but we sent spies in our stead. And now, for your viewing pleasure: Berkeley. In full form.

"Dr. Strange-McCain." Hardy har. Except "McCain" isn't "love" in German. read more »

Spotted, 5:45 p.m.: Helicopter. Likely of the local news chopper variety. Hovering suspiciously over a certain oak grove near a certain stadium. Noise-polluting and generally creepin’.

Hm. We wonder what sort of breaking news is going down that would lend itself to aerial coverage … Oh shit, where’d the trees go?! Damn, that was fast.

Update, 6:35 p.m.: Dude, we just saw another one up there.

Image Source: Jill Cowan