This Sunday will see the San Francisco 49ers pitted against the Baltimore Ravens, so whether you’re a football fan or not, you may want to come out and support our neighbors. San Francisco’s close enough to adopt for cheerleading, right? We’ve scoped out some places around Berkeley you can camp out, cheer for a team you care at least marginally about and — most importantly — scarf down food for hours.


Pappy’s Grill and Sports Bar. Right here on Telegraph Avenue, it’s an obvious choice for sports viewing. Lots of space, large screens and good ‘ol American/bar food will make for a good football Sunday.

Kip’s Restaurant. Head down Durant for another college bar if you didn’t like Pappy’s. Order pizza, burgers and more while you watch.

Café Durant. If you’re in the mood for Mexican food instead of American, stop by Café Durant. There’s also balcony seating outside if for some reason you need a break. (Especially from the overflow of excessive commercials.)

Brennan’s Bar. For an old-fashioned sports bar complete with darts and hot plates, there’s Brennan’s on University Avenue. Old style with new flatscreens, what could be better?

Bec’s Bar and Bistro. Offering more than just burgers and wings, this restaurant also has seafood and flatbreads to snack on.

La Val’s. Not a place one would immediately think of, but once again there are TV screens and awesome game food like pizza and sandwiches.

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baseballGood news for Cal athletes, coaches and fans: A group of ambitious parents and alumni refused to take no for an answer when Chancellor Robert Birgeneau first announced that five sports teams were being cut (because, of course, a pay cut simply wouldn’t do).

They formed the soon-to-be-officially-non-profit Cal Baseball Foundation and have been working hard to secure $25 million in pledges, the amount necessary to sustain all five sports programs for the next 10 years, according to rigorous scientific calculations by campus officials. read more »

As of now, it’s mostly all gossip and speculation but we hear tell that there may be a big time (more like Big 12 time) expansion in our, uh, beloved athletic conference’s future.  And the not-so-big surprise is that its motivations would be primarily financial. We know, you’re shocked, right?

It looks like the Pac-10 is considering extending an exclusive invite to six schools from the Big 12 to join the cool kids’ table … and a potentially lucrative TV network that would show all PacBig 10+6 conference sports, all the time. Or something similar that’s apparently code for “Cha-ching!” read more »

The latest happenings in the legal branch (ha) of the oak grove/athletic center saga/shit-show went a little something like this: Judge Miller reissued her “final” ruling in favor of the University on Monday. The plaintiffs (a.k.a. the tree people and friends) appealed. Again. No one was surprised.

Now, the community anxiously awaits further updates from the newest characters in this epic drama–the judges three of the appellate court. We sense a little double, double toil and trouble, if you know what we mean …

Stay tuned for more confusing legal stuff that people stopped caring about a long time ago. Is it too late to suggest using the trees as training facilities? Pull-ups, anyone?

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Plaintiffs Resubmit Appeal in Athletic Center Lawsuit [Daily Cal]

800px-south-bend-college-football-hall-of-fame-blocking.jpg Remember the bizarre story about Stanford University reject, Azia Kim? She spent 8 months convincing everyone she was a student at the Palo Alto campus before being busted by their housing department last May. The incident sparked an online sensation among college kids nationwide–especially here at UC Berkeley. Many students even wondered if such brazen trickery occurs on our own campus. Fortunately, the Clog now has an answer: “Yes, it does occur. Kind of. Almost.”

Meet Kevin Hart, an offensive lineman from Nevada who told his hometown reporters that Jeff Tedford wanted him bad. To put it briefly, people didn’t believe it and eventually revealed Hart’s recruitment story to be a complete fabrication by Hart himself (though he initially said someone probably conned him.)

You may be tempted to call him the Azia Kim of Cal athletics, but his con only lasted a few days. To mention both impostors in the same breath would totally dishonor Kim’s impressive 8-month stint, especially since Hart’s plan was condemned to failure the moment he made the absurd claim.

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The Psychic Uber Wisdom

We’re acing at least half of these. This will go down in history as the most accurate football prognostications in the history of histories. The brilliance you witness here will sear your brain so badly that you’ll wax on nostalgically about the “Ayoob era.” Proceed with extreme caution:

  • The above YouTube clip will happen again. Only it will be less grainy when you see it–or grainier … depending on your beer goggles.
  • Marshawn Lynch will shock everybody by walking onto the field during half time. He will then ratchet up the shock by delivering a tearful oak trees defense through a platinum megaphone. And, as cricket chirps fill the air, he’ll wish everyone a happy Yom Kippur.
  • Scratch that last prediction. We meant to say that ML will break 100 yards on Sunday.
  • But he won’t out-rush Justin Forsett’s Saturday performance.
  • Jahvid Best will snap a 54-yard run.
  • Nate Longshore will finally connect on one of those deep throws to DeSean.
  • Nate Long&short will be great. He might even remind you of that guy trapped under Bret Farve’s corpse.
  • The defense will go back to being somewhat mediocre. We see 24 points from Arizona.
  • Expect a Syd’Quan Thompson interception, though.
  • Levelle Hawkins will trip while doing “the Hawk.”
  • But it will still be an awesome addition to our collective sports-consciousness.
  • This will not be the game where DeSean unleashes his wildly inappropriate “the Jack” celebration.
  • The final score is 40-24.
  • Fasting today will suck.

  • Our bad on not writing a LaTech preview. It was Rosh Hashanah, after all. Anyway, this wasn’t the most suspenseful of contests (the Louisiana coach had to slap his players just to wake them up). The preview would have read “look for maximum ownage!” Despite the win, we’re a bit sad over DeSean’s poor play. Especially considering how awesome his first two games were (see above mix tape). “One” certainly wasn’t the loneliest number whenever he received a punt. Oh, and here some other profound thoughts on Saturday’s action:

  • First off, let’s thank Kip’s for turning on the TV late. It’s not like we wanted to see that kickoff return TD or anything.
  • You know you’re playing well when the opposing coach is literally slapping his players.
  • Thank God we were playing a “Tech” team, considering the shoddy reffing.
  • The reverse to DeSean would have worked, but Nate Long&short ran away from a block. Way to be a QB, Nate.
  • We hope this statistical aberration won’t hurt DeSean’s Heisman chase. What kills the Clog is how close DeSean was to having a monster game. If he catches that slant, it’s a loooooong touchdown. And if the refs had granted DeSean’s back o’ the endzone sang, we have another long TD. Still, “Number One” seemed to be playing ahead of himself just a bit.
  • There probably should have been a challenge on that back o’ the endzone catch.
  • Our bubble screens were getting popped.
  • The Clog was happy to see the Bears go for it on an early crucial 4th down play. Has Tedford been reading “David Romer’s work on this topic“? Great Berkeley minds think alike.
  • Heard at Kip’s, after the billionth penalty call: “What is this, a RAIDERS GAME??!!”
  • Also heard at Kip’s: “How are (the refs) going to screw us out this time?!”We like this newly invented “screw us out” phrase and hope it gains more traction.
  • Rex Champion should have been named “Rex Blahquaterbackonamediocresecondtiercollegefootballsquad.” The “Champion” tag doesn’t fit him so much.
  • That SydQuan Thompson block was amazing. If you missed it, you missed the play of the game.
  • DeCoud and Syd both played out of their minds. Props to a improving defense.
  • We understand that Forsett ran for a google yards and looked fantastic. Still, we want more Jahvid. He’s probably the team’s second most exciting player, yet Teddy often glues Best to the bench. Did JB look at “our ass-kicking savior” the wrong way?
  • Twice the announcers said, “Alex Mack is a sweetheart.” Thought you’d like to know.
  • Did anyone see that ridiculous commercial where the kid thanks his mom for blocking his Internet access to porn? Did we imagine it?
  • We don’t have many thoughts on the second half. It got boring in a good way.
  • Shana Tova

  • Thankfully there were a few Bear sightings on Thursday Night Football. Though the Colt’s metaphorical pantsing of the Saints was like visual Nyquil (without the buzz), former Cal players did their best to entertain the Clog.It appears Daymeion Hughes has found a happy home with his new blue team. The man played corner like a caffeinated wombat, and generally acquitted himself quite nicely for a slow guy (the man ran his 40 like an opium addled sloth). He also came this close to intercepting one of many errant Brees heaves.And Matthew Giordano had an auspicious start to his season. The former Cal DB had an 83-yard pick-six. Have you noticed that our school has become a regular defensive back mill lately? The League can thank us for Hughes, Giordano, Deltha O’Neal, and Nnamdi Asomugha (pronounced “alksjdfalhdfalkjsdf;a”), just to name a few. Man, if only we could have some of those guys back for our currently so-so defense.Another Pac 10 alum used the game to continue his quest to be the most over marketed football player in the nation. The Clog saw many, many, Reggie Bush ads in between yet another mediocre Reggie performance. Why the star treatment so soon? We’d make a snarky comment about USC students and entitlement, but we’ve got to go find and polish those old Giordano rookie cards. Oh, and the Clog may just recap Marshawn’s first game…depending on how hyphy we feel.

    BTW, we’re coming to the point of the year where all the sports are slowly coming to an end. It really wouldn’t have been a problem if a) the baseball team made the NCAA tournament, b) the softball team got back to the College World Series and c) football was a year round sport. So without further ado …

    *Leading Off…Another Crew Team Fails For National Title*
    The men’s crew team failed to repeat as national champs, finishing 26 points behind Washington for the national title.

    It sucked that the varsity eight failed to win its race, pretty much derailing any chance for Cal to win the national title.

    But overall, the team did well, sending all of its boats to their respective grand finals. No other school did that. The squad also took home three individual titles.

    It’s the biggest story of the weekend.

    *Track Coach Quits*
    Chris Huffins resigned last week, effective after this week’s NCAA championships.

    Why he was outed, we really won’t know. But the Chron reports that he left his post among criticisms of his management style.

    But what we don’t get is if he has gotten more athletes to regional and NCAA championship meets in the last five years than any other coach in more than a decade, why would anyone care about his management style? He’s been successful.

    *Women’s Tennis Coach Retires*
    Jan Brogan leaves Cal after almost three decades of coaching.

    But why? She just got the Bears to the NCAA semis. Just one more step and she’ll have a team championship, something that has eluded her for 29 years.

    *Golden Bears*
    _1) John Mann – men’s water polo_
    The Heisman Trophy of water polo is named after the winningest coach in Cal history, Pete Cutino. No Bears player has ever won the award until now. Good job, John Mann.

    _2-4) The Varsity Four, Freshman Four and Freshman Eight – men’s crew_
    National champs. ‘Nuff said.

    *Leading Off…Just TOO Much*
    The national collegiate playoffs for rugby are a joke. Especially when the Bears can beat its first two opponents by a combined score of 129-3.

    Remember, that’s two games. And in two games, Cal rugby scored more than 100 points and only let one team score three.

    We offer that the Bears just get a bye all the way into the semifinals, so that we don’t have to sit through such destruction again.

    Losing To Stanfurd, Round 2
    A few months ago was the first big Cal versus Stanfurd weekend. The Bears lost to the Indians FIVE times in that time span. Cal did relatively better this time around, only losing three times to ’Furd. But still, that’s way too many times.

    Loss Number 1 – Women’s Water Polo
    The Bears are young, and this one was close. It was also at home. Maybe next year, huh?

    Loss Number 2 – Women’s Tennis

    Crumbling under pressure. That’s all we’ve got.

    Loss Number 3 – Lacrosse

    Well, it was as expected as the other two.

    Beating the Indians
    While those teams above failed to beat Stanfurd, we actually had a few teams win against our counterparts to the south.

    Win Number 1 – Men’s Tennis
    NOT EVEN CLOSE. Bears upset the Indians on the Farm for a possible NCAA berth.

    Win Number 2 – Crew
    These were easy. The men’s and women’s crew teams, both defending champs, did their thing to take the Big Row.

    Win Number 3 – Baseball
    Amazingly, Stanfurd needs three pitchers in the first inning to get three outs and Cal took two of three from the Indians at Evans. It’s nice, but still leaves a bitter taste in our mouths from that sweep back in February.

    Golden Bears
    1) Pierre Mouillon – men’s tennis
    Hits the game winner to give the Bears the victory.

    2) Rikus Pretorius – rugby
    Scored team high three tries in Sunday’s win. But also he has an awesome name. We thought we had to put it in here.

    3) Max Fearnow – Stanfurd baseball
    Gave up five runs in his start against the Bears on Sunday. He only lasted one out.