It’s one of those things, much like waiting in the long line at the FSM or listening to ABBA. You laugh at people doing it, but when no one is looking, you do it yourself.

That’s right, the Spring 2008 Class List and Schedule of Classes are now online. Why did you not know about it before? Because the Man (a.k.a. the university) is purposely trying to undermine your efforts to craft the perfect schedule and graduate in a reasonable amount of time.

OK, maybe you didn’t know about it because someone was lazy. Instead of changing the title of the list and schedule to say “Spring 2008,” it still says “Spring 2007.” Yeah, pretty sneaky.

We’d like to flatter ourselves and say that only at Berkeley do people secretly and desperately anticipate the arrival of next semester’s schedule. But truth be told, we know that there really are nerds everywhere.

Nonetheless, the LiveJournal Community was decently abuzz with both anticipation for the schedule posting and comments about the classes being “leaked.”

OK, so no one used the word “leaked,” but we know that’s way you disclose priceless information.

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