The nine women who make up the California Golden Overtones know what it means to be in sync. For them, it’s more than just hitting the right notes or clapping to the beat, it’s the whole package.

They know the oldies, the classics, the top hits. They snap and clap. They can doo-wop like there’s no tomorrow. So when we sat down with these golden girls, read more »

If we had to describe Cal musical sensation DeCadence in a single sentence, it would be this one: Dance party music mash-up extraordinaires. So, that’s not so much a sentence as it is a big ol’ conglomeration of phrases, and maybe “extraordinaires” isn’t actually a word according to Microsoft Word, but that’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it.

This is one a cappella group that’s read more »

Eight is the golden number when it comes the UC Men’s Octet. They’ve got Bass singers, Baritones, and first and second Tenors. They’ve got rhythm and harmony and personality in spades.

But who are the men behind the voices? The Clog went behind the scenes with the Octet in order to discover just who these serenading studs are. And what did we learn? Well, you’ll just have to watch our video to find out.