Vagina MonologuesBeen anywhere near Sproul these past couple of weeks? Even if you managed to avoid it like a trained ninja, everyone’s favorite word has still been hollered loud enough to hear from practically anywhere on campus. We know you’re all thinking of it. That’s right … vagina!

Continuing itsannual tradition, the student group V-Day is putting on a production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues to raise money to help end violence against women. So what is your favorite method of advertising? We tucked a few away that stood out to us.

1. Gimme a V! Gimme an A! Gimme a G! You get the picture. Just in case you didn’t already know how to spell the biological term for lady part, V-Day took the time to remind you. Not just one, not just two, but there are at least five girls always on Sproul to help you win that upcoming integrative biology spelling bee.

2. I love vaginas! Whether this was being used literally or just to represent a love for women, we’re glad to know there exists such passion for the female form. Besides, it takes real guts to repeatedly proclaim that in public and with shirts that echo the sentiment.

3. Do you love vaginas? They love them, now prove you do too. Sometimes said in conjunction with the former exclamation and sometimes a standalone, you can once again choose how to interpret it. Symbolically, perversely, whatever you want. Just agree and take a flier.

4. Help end violence against women? Apart from the performance’s title, we fully admit they don’t always go around just yelling about vaginas. And how can you say you don’t want to help save lives? You’d look like a pretty big douchebag brushing them off with a “No, thanks.” Once again, take a flier and at least say you’ll think about it.

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There you are after class walking back home. Tired. Mentally exhausted. You’re going to avoid all those annoying flyer people like a boss. But then, BAM! You hear loud music pumping in Sproul Plaza. Could this be … free concert?! No, it’s Danceworx!

Danceworx is a great example of an organization that takes advantage of the spacious area in front of Sproul Hall. Finding a flyer that you’re interested in may be an ambitious endeavor, but almost anything that happens in the middle of Sproul is certainly worth your attention. From famous protests to musical performances Sproul Plaza hosts a myriad of interesting treasures to constantly look out for.

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High school, class at 7 a.m. Ugh. College! Class at 9 a.m. UGH!

What would make us “late” in high school suddenly becomes our “oh my, don’t talk to me this early” in college. Well, for most of us, at least.

Science can throw every benefit of waking up early at us, but sleep just feels too dang good. With all the studying, eating, hating on Stanford and watching football games we have to do, surely there’s merit in waking up at noon when we don’t have class, right?

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Image source: Anna Vignet

Image source: Anna Vignet, Daily Cal

You’ve heard everything there is to hear about today’s bake sales at this point — the outrage over racial representations, the disagreements with SB 185 laying on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk and the ASUC Senate consensus condemning “discriminatory speech.”

However, amidst all the fury and outcry, no one has yet asked the most fundamental and pivotal question surrounding the bake sale debate:

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JoshuaYup, he’s back! Or maybe we just haven’t been paying attention. Either way, we couldn’t be happier since he’s one of our favorite Berkeley … uh, eccentrics? Honestly, we missed hearing his cries of “Yahweh!” all throughout the campus. It just kinda made us feel at home. And his warnings to find a savior or else a post-apocalyptic hellscape awaited us always made us feel cared for.

We thought when that whole May 21 Judgment Day thing didn’t work out very well for him, he might’ve been too embarrassed to be seen around Sproul Plaza again. But he’s back and he’s even got the new Judgment Day countdown!

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Several chill groups of hacky sackers and Frisbee throwers were harmed in the making of this CalSO luncheon.

Several chill groups of hacky sackers and Frisbee throwers were harmed in the making of this CalSO luncheon.

If you’ve ever stayed in Berkeley over the summer, you already know that these are the quiet months around campus that offer several distinct advantages. Sproul Plaza is not a total circus of bop-shoo-wop singers, well-dressed business students, religious group kumbayas and this guy. And not only are the lines much shorter at popular spots like Cafe Intermezzo and Thai Basil, but you also might even find an open table and dine in.

Unfortunately, if you’re the type of person who would rather spend some of these lovely quiet months outdoors and on campus, we cannot help but think that sudden shouts of “Go Bears!” from a CalSO group are a bit annoying.

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… that it is Mind and Body Awareness Week? UC Berkeley’s Tang Center is sponsoring said awareness through Friday in order to help us all “[l]earn more about mental health and the connection between how you think, feel, behave and learn.” An ambitiously broad mission statement, yes, but the week’s activities do sound pretty worthwhile.

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This violinist is having an AWESOME TIME. Hey, you like free stuff, right? Come on, now. We know that was you we saw ravaging Caltopia like the freebie-hunting beast that you are. You little schwag-mongering mongrel, you. Growl.

What?! We’re not hitting on you, we’re just trying to tell you about Cal Performances’ Fall Free for All! Sheesh. Anyway, it sounds pretty cool. It’s not just free stuff. It’s free culture stuff. It’s free performances on four stages around campus from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 26.

The event is apparently a “preview of the artistic residencies and collaborations that you will find here throughout the year.” So, basically, they’re all really legit acts that most of the time you would have to pay a lot of money to see, like San Francisco Opera Adler Fellows and the Mark Morris Dance Group. Plus, if the day is anything like the image they’re using to promote it (see right) it’s gotta be ballin’. Just check out the schedule and see if anything strikes your fancy. Then, uh, give us a call. Wink! (Kidding … )

Fall Free for All [CalPerfs], via Berkeleyside


Turns out some of our harmless campus crazies are not so harmless after all. Earlier this week, the suspect in an 18-year-old kidnapping case showed up on campus, trying to leaflet about “Schizophenia and God’s Will.”

The man, Phillip Garrido, was stopped and questioned by police, who found that he was a parolee and decided to look into the matter further. And around then was when the plot thickened.

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Last night’s carousing flooded today’s Youtube channels with blurry, pixelated videos of student mobs engaged in acts of flag-waving, slogan-chanting, generally euphoric tomfoolery. People popped bottles of bubbly! Hung from rafters! Scrambled atop AC Transit buses and rode down the streets, beaming and waving to their friends! A little bird tells us that the pervasive mood of ecstatic joy also induced many students to rip off their clothes. We approve. Naturally, it was all on YouTube by the next day.

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