EvQKRRHF6Dpc4x0Nhs0rtPoqDEMYTyK8MyvKh75vu0QzhSsyJFLtWsw_iPLcxwIfN_B1MISXr6gToday we logged all the things that were on the sidewalk that were not concrete, and a few things we remember once seeing.

This is how we break it down:

Tire marks, rubber soles, crooked cigarettes,

Broken beer bottles, a Racer 5 sticker, a squirrel with criminal intent, read more »

Right when we started to think the oak grove tree-sitters would be up there forever, one of the sitters’ addictions got the best of him. Thanks in part due to the lack of supplies being transported into the tree-sitters’ humble oak space, two squatters decided to come down on Wednesday.

One of the fallen treewoks is named Bradley Costello, who goes by Squirtle. He needed a cigarette–which he received upon his descent, along with some food. The other former tree-sitter, Matthew Marks, simply wanted to deliver stuff to tree-sit supporters.

Both were “arrested for trespassing and for violating a judge’s court order that makes it illegal to be in the trees,” according to the San Jose Mercury News, and now reside in Berkeley City Jail.

Two down, seven to go.

Image Source: Shamim Pakzad, Daily Cal
Two more Berkeley tree sitters come down [Mercury News]