St. George SpiritsIf you’re 21 and over, and looking for a break from studies, or just an evening outside Berkeley, head on down to Alameda to taste some premium Californian wines and spirits.

Formerly home to a U.S. naval base, Alameda Island and its drinking spots have a chic industrial feel and a stunning atmosphere during sunset sessions. It’s packed with delectable wineries, distilleries, breweries and of course nice eateries.

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As the end of the semester approaches with grueling finals and far too many doughnuts, we students still have something to look forward to once it’s all over–the parties.

And to help move along the celebration? If you’re legal, try hipster-friendly, 19th century avant-garde and 120-proof absinthe. Prohibited in the United States since 1912, the drink of choice for hardcore artsy types is now legal because no one could remember why it was banned in the first place.

Not only is the green fairy legal (the real thing, not the overpriced equivalent to rubbing alcohol with green food coloring), a local distillery received the distinct honor of being the first to produce and sell absinthe in the United States in almost 100 years. Nearby Alameda’s St. George Spirits–more commonly known for producing Hangar One vodka–recently cut the last piece of red tape to put Van Gogh’s ear-chopping drink on store shelves, and on Monday sold their first bottle.

To blur your hip holiday festivities, your hefty wallet can buy a bottle of St. George’s limited supply–available at select liquor stores for $75 after Dec. 21. The Clog can’t afford that, but gifts are appreciated.

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