Now that the whole tree-sit thing is over (done, finito, kaput, etc.) you thought the drama surrounding that general area of campus had, likewise, pretty much run its course, didn’t you? Well, guess what! You were wrong. The Panoramic Hill Association, or rather its president, Mike Kelly, recently told the Daily Cal, “They [the university] are putting us [the Panoramic Hill Association] in a position where they are going to force us to sue them again.”

So how exactly, you might ask, does one force another to sue oneself … again? read more »

Two out of the three plaintiffs that sued good ol’ UCB back in 2006 for building code violations withdrew their antics. Apparently they were–don’t sue us for the bad joke–barking up the wrong tree. UC Berkeley spokeman Dan Mogulof is quoted to be “very pleased” with these motions. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Meanwhile, Cloggers at the Daily Cal wonder what will be left to scorn once the tree-sitters come back down to Earth.

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Berkeley tree-grove supporters withdraw motion [Inside BayArea]
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According to a story in the Oakland Trib, UC Berkeley still wants to try to settle a lawsuit with the city of Berkeley concerning that new student athlete high performance center that the university wants to build right next to Memorial Stadium.

But Cal has apparently set a deadline, according to Chancellor Robert Birgeneau.

bq. “(The deadline for a settlement is Sept. 18) and we will be working with them to the last minute,” Birgeneau said at his on-campus back-to-school briefing before the fall semester starts Monday.

Why Sept. 18? That’s because that’s the day before this lawsuit goes to trial.

But of course, the city says that they have seen a settlement proposal.

bq. “We had a settlement meeting with them, and they didn’t offer anything,” Deputy City Attorney Zach Cowen said. “We haven’t received anything that says, ‘Here’s what we’ve decided we’re going to do.’”

And interestingly enough, the public can vote on this issue. You can head over to and voice your opinion on whether or not Cal should build the Student-Athlete Performance Center. As of right now, you, the public think that the thing should be built.

Image Source: Ben Gallup, Daily Cal
UC Berkeley still hopes to settle city suit [Oakland Trib]
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