It’s that time of year: the leaves are turning orange, the weather is getting a little nippy (well FINALLY), and coffee shops are dusting off their coveted pumpkin latte recipes for another autumn season. Here’s the lowdown on a bunch of variations of this seasonal favorite we tried at various cafes around Berkeley:

What their pumpkin spice latte cooould look like...

What their pumpkin spice latte cooould look like...

Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Place: Starbucks (Center/Oxford)

Price: $3.75 (tall)

The low-down: Starbucks is the home of the most well-known Pumpkin Spice Latte, so we thought we’d give this one a try first. There is lots of spice, but unfortunately not enough pumpkin taste, which is crazy overpowered by the bitterness of the coffee. Is it delicious? Yes. Is it overpriced? Also yes. So if you  are in the market for a PSL that actually tastes like pumpkin, don’t bother. But if you’re in the mood for a nice coffee beverage? It’ll satisfy.


Surprise! It looks like a latte.

Drink: Pumpkin Chai Latte

Place: Peet’s Coffee (Qualcomm Cafe)

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This or ...

The age-old controversy of Northside vs Southside dates back further than Biggie and Tupac’s Eastside Westside battle. While each side has its pro’s and con’s, which side reins supreme solely depends on your personal likes, dislikes and interests. Take this quiz to decide which side would suit you best. read more »

Summer is coming

As you may very well have noticed by now, the Clog is a great fan of the Game of Throne series. Imagine our delight when we found the above sign sitting outside a Starbucks! For those non-GOTers, the sign is a homage to the House of Stark’s classic slogan, “Winter is coming.”

They’ve certainly pulled in our business for the season.

Image source: Tumblr, Courtesy

If you’re like us and think that basically everything at Starbucks sucks except what they throw enough sugar, syrup and whipped cream at ’til it’s no longer distinguishable as coffee, then take this opportunity to tell Starbucks for yourself.

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While the recession continues to rage across the nation and the world – taking down banks, car manufacturers and even a small chunk of Starbucks in its path – Berkeley has maintained a surprising amount of economic stability.

And apparently UC Berkeley and its students are to thank for keeping the whole Berkeley bubble afloat on the raging sea of recession. That’s right, give yourself a pat on the back for splurging at the Asian Ghetto last night.

Students are generally less reliant upon employment income and therefore more insulated from the recession. We even rake in a good $400 million to the Bay Area’s economy each year.

Basically what this all translates into is more reconstruction and renovation. Enjoy the jackhammers, kids.

Image Source: dan taylor under Creative Commons
Local Development Continues to Thrive [Daily Cal]

This bird has scone in its beak.

Not to be out-free crapped by its competition, Ye Olde Coffee of the Astronomical Dollars and Ubiquitous Mermaid is offering free pastries tomorrow morning. On the off-chance you’re confused by our (incredibly unnecessary) epithet, we’re talking about Starbucks.

The catch(es)? You’ve got to get there before 10:30. In the a.m. Yeah. For those of you still reading, the other catches are that you have to buy a beverage and you have to present this ticket in order to get your purportedly healthier-than-ever-before carbo-licious treat. Worth it to get out of bed before noon? Possibly. Actually healthy? Probably not.

Image Source: Leonard John Matthews under Creative Commons
Free Pastries at Starbucks next Tuesday Morning [InBerkeley]
Free Pastry Ticket [Starbucks]

Apparently this presidential election is, like, really important or something. Now even Starbucks will offer freebies to voters on Nov. 4.

Come in to your local Starbucks–there’s one at 2224 Shattuck Avenue and another at Oxford and Center streets–and tell ‘em you voted, and they’ll give you a free coffee. And then don’t forget to pick up your ice cream while you’re on the way to class. Or just go around to all the chains in the area asking for voter freebies.

Image Source: rudolf schuba under Creative Commons
Free Cup of Starbucks Coffee if you Vote on Tuesday [Facebook]
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We love tiny Berkeley eateries for their grab bag of tasty odds and ends–specifically croissants. As a mini summer getaway, Cloggers traveled far and wide in search for flaky, buttery perfection.

First off, a little background information. A croissant is a delicious French pastry; its national origin is apparent from the way that its proper pronunciation sounds nothing like it’s spelled. Its main ingredient, we think, is butter, and contains something like 300 to 400 calories. Dieters beware.

La Farine Berkeley, located at College and Alcatraz avenues.
Price: $1.85

The first thing that we noticed was La Farine’s speedy service. The croissant was good, as far as layers and layers of buttery tissue pastry go. read more »

The bad economy strikes again! Did you hear about the 600 “underperforming” U.S. Starbucks Coffee stores that are set to close sometime in the near future? Well, one of them is the Shattuck Avenue and Cedar Street branch, which isn’t really a big deal for students whose life depends on caramel macchiatos. The perpetually caffeinated student will still have the Starbucks at Oxford and Center Streets, thank goodness. Berkeley Hills yuppies and their ubiquitous three-wheeled strollers, however, must travel a little farther for their cup of corporate java.

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