Former kosher butcher and Berkeley J-School alumnus Jon Mooallem gayed it up last week on “The Colbert Report.” His recent article in the New York Times Magazine entitled “Can Animals Be Gay?” chronicles the homosexual advances observed in some 450 nonhuman species. We’re talking lesbian albatrosses. Er … Lesbatrosses? Albatresbians? Female koalas shacking up. Male dolphins, you know, sipping Cosmos in the Castro dressed like Lady Gaga.

Despite identifying as a straight human himself, Mooallem’s article offers a provocative contribution to queer theory.

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The Truth is in the Legos ...After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Did you guys know the messiah lives in Bay Area? We didn’t. Well, not until today, anyway, but now the San Francisco-based economist who followers of some New Age religious sect are calling “The One” is claiming they’ve got the wrong guy.

Raj Patel has basically been harassed non-stop since the sect’s leader, Benjamin Creme, let the cat out of the bag after seeing Patel on “The Colbert Report.” We guess that’s just what Patel gets for being “born in 1972,” being “dark-skinned,” and traveling “from India to London in 1977.” Oh, and for neither confirming nor failing to confirm his status as Maitreya. Poor guy.

OK, actually, now that we think about it isn’t the more important question here whether this make Stephen Colbert some kind of holy disciple? Because that’s totally what we’ve been saying since, like forever.

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It’s official: Beer pong, although generally unsanitary for obvious reasons, will not in fact give you herpes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement debunking the rumor that had been striking terror into the hearts of college students everywhere.

You know what this means, right? Put down your laptops and break out the Natty Ice. It’s time to celebrate.

Video Source: Beer Pong Herpes Outbreak [Colbert Nation]
Beer Pong and Herpes: This Is A Hoax [US News]

We noticed this week that Facebook has been growing, not only in monetary worth but also its technological girth.And even the Daily Cal had to pipe in on Stephen Colbert’s stint as a candidate for the South Carolinian 2008 Presidential primary and his book. One of his Facebook fan groups, “1,000,000 Strong for Stephen Colbert,” reached over a million members in less than ten days–far surpassing the rate of support for Democratic primary candidate Barack Obama’s group.We are sad to report that Colbert’s popularity even surpasses that of “One Million Strong AGAINST LOBSTERS.” We aren’t sure why, but our hats go off to those fighting the unenviable cause of, uh, keeping lobsters out of the White House?But just to keep you entertained, we found some other “One Million Strong” groups:* One Million Strong for Chuck Norris. The Clog suggests this campaign slogan: He doesn’t sleep. He waits.* He may be dead and fictitious (nevermind gay), but the people want Dumbledore ’08 (One Million Strong for Albus). Or Voldemort.* One Million Strong For Gay Interspecies Marriage. Not really much to say about that one.* But we do care that the gamers out there support this group: One Million Strong for a Third Mortal Kombat.* Hipster-approved: One Million Strong For Smaller Facebook Groups. Delightfully few members for added ironic effect.“Lightening Up” is a Clog special devoted to finding Facebook groups of interest. And by interest, we mean anything that seems amusing to us at the time. Since there are millions upon millions of Facebook groups which surely must amuse someone, this special will NEVER DIE. And if you missed celebrity fare or are seeking something a bit more obscure, go ahead. We have other things to not care about.Truthiness on Facebook [Daily Cal]Comedian-Turned-Politician Blows Hard but Loses Steam [Daily Cal]