spinal tap

The kids at SUPERB! are back and booking. Having lured the likes of both Girl Talk and the Counting Crows to the depths of lovely Lower Sproul Plaza in semesters past, this time around expect yet another incredibly hit and miss lineup. But wait—get enthusiastic! This time around, the hit/miss ratio may depend on you. Seems a band or two may hinge on popular demand. If you care about Islands or Wu-Tang’s Raekwon the Chef, read on … read more »

aokiIt’s hard to imagine a Berkeley so out of control that California’s movie-star governor has to bring in the National Guard for support. Alas, 40 years ago this was the case, and Richard Aoki was the man responsible. Mr. Aoki—not to be confused with Steve (who, to our indifference, continues to live)—has recently bought the proverbial farm, giving cause to nostalgically reexamine his contributions to Berkeley history, the badassery Thr3e video of which command timeless reverence. read more »