greenThe hot topic in campus energy research news is predictably the BP partnership and what it means in the wake of the oil spill.

Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times mused as to why there has been “no campus protest over Berkeley-BP connection,” which of course is completely untrue.

We’re pretty confident in saying we’ve attended more recent UC Berkeley campus protests than Hiltzik, and there has been plenty of outcry ever since the deal was penned. Reading the article, it seems want he was really trying to say was, “Why is there no campus protest now?” To which we respond: Everyone’s on summer vacation. read more »

A recent installment of NPR’s news quiz show “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me” featured our favorite Secretary of Energy, the Chu-miester himself. Spoiler alert: he lost big time. Chu was one for three in a series of Washington General-themed questions appropriately dubbed “You are the losing-est bunch of losers in the history of losing.”

To be fair, Steven admitted at the top of the segment that he’s always felt like the slacker of the Chu clan, what with his high school drop out Baby Bro, Attorney at Law talking himself into UCLA and receiving a PhD at age 21 and Big Bro, M.D. rocking two PhDs and a professorship at Stanford.

Poor Steven. Now excuse us while we go shoot some sub-par free-throws in a leper colony.

Image Source: Brookhaven National Labratory under Creative Commons
Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me [NPR]

To make up for our recent dearth of Chu, we bring you even more Chu news! Watch this video to learn stuff and fix the American auto industry:

The Secretary of Energy posted it to his Facebook earlier today, so, y’know. We couldn’t not watch it. (Oh, and for the record his celebrity doppelganger is Steven Chu! God, he is so clever and ironic.)

Secretary Chu Speaks at the 2010 Washginton Auto Show [YouTube]
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Ack—it has been FAR too long since we’ve heard from our favorite DOE Secretary. Where’s the love, Steven Chu? Apparently, in the brand-spankin’-new Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, to which Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s old director just appointed 15 members this past Friday.

One of said members is read more »

Everyone’s favorite UC Berkeley law professor and former Bush administration lawyer will be appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow night.

Stewart interviewed Steven Chu, another campus professor turned White House higher-up, a few months back, but we’re guessing this interview will probably go a bit differently.

It is unclear to us whether Stewart shares the grievances of many protesters against Yoo or if he plans to pepper the interview with light-hearted waterboarding jokes. Or both. In any case, we’ll be watching.

Image Source: elkit under Creative Commons.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Official Website [Site]

Last week, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced a hefty bit of investment—specifically, $620 million worth—into the Smart Grid, something we can only assume won’t turn into a robopocalypse ala Arnold Schwarzenegger. But seriously, the former Lawrence Berkeley Lab director is doing pretty well for himself. Check out the video if you’re interested.

Faces of the Recovery Act: The Impact of Smart Grid [USdepartmentofenergy]
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Check out the winning smile on that one.

Earlier today, our old (like, old as in silver fox old, of course) buddy Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy and hero of the universe, visited the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to catch up with his former colleagues.

He talked to them about all sorts of fun things, like the future of energy research, $151 million in funding for awesome ambitious projects and Wayne Gretzky. True story–just watch the webcast and check out the PowerPoint presentation he made … all by himself. D’awww.

Oh, Steven. You haven’t changed a bit.

Lawrence Berkeley Lab [Site], via Berkeleyside
Earlier: Capchuring and Storing Carbon

As Secretary of Energy (and former head honcho of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) Steven Chu continues to find ways to save the world, we like to keep an eye on what the secretary is doing. And just today, the US Department of Energy announced the “first round of funding” that $1.4 billion will go to for the capture of carbon to be stored or used.

There’s only one California-based project that was selected for the initial round of funding. From the DoE release: read more »


Steven Chu, recipient of the all-powerful NL parking spot, continues to radiate Berkeley sunshine to the world. In a recent interview with NPR, the Nobel Laureate energy secretary (and Cal Bear) invited more Americans to get on the Chu Chu train as it chugs towards a more energy-independent destination.

Chu ain’t no foo’. He’s optimistic about our chances of beating the lurking environmental sh*tstorm, but he’s not “cockeyed.” He cites Newton and others (while standing on their giant metaphorical shoulders), claiming, read more »

If asked whether the Berkeley-Stanford rivalry reached to the highest levels of government, most people would probably answer “no.” And they’d probably be right. But it’s at least a little interesting to note that Steven Chu (secretary of energy and former big cheese of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) and current Stanford professor Mark Jacobson point in different directions for the future of biofuels.

Example: read more »

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