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Heads up Chu fans! Your favorite Energy Secretary appeared last week on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The lovable former Lawrence Berkeley National Lab director presented Stewart with a gift, called him a nerd and remained coy about any superpowers of which he may or may not be possessed.

In addition, Chu (or his intern’s intern’s intern … whatever) has posted pictures of some cool new minature models to his Flickr, we’re assuming they have something to do with energy efficiency or something.

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Steven Chu [The Daily Show]
Department of Energy’s Photostream [Flickr]

Cutie patootie!According to a post on the official White House blog, Secretary of Energy and former Berkeleyan turned celebrity, Steven Chu is soliciting you … for your opinions and ideas. How is he going about gathering and disseminating such crucial information?

Why, through Facebook, of course! In the post, Chu says he’ll “keep you up to date on all the latest developments, as well as share tips that will save you money on your energy bills,” and that he hopes to have “a true dialogue.” If it’s a dialog that’ll save us money, we’re so there.

Plus his info doesn’t reek of editing by a P.R. department, which totally ups his street cred in our (Face)book. His activities include “Cooking, biking, doing crossword puzzles with my wife Jean, and trying to learn to golf.” Oh, and his default is a-freaking-dorable. Aw, Steven Chu, we love you!

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Energy on Facebook [The Briefing Room Blog]
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If you wanna be Lawrence Berkeley Lab’s new director, it looks like all you’ve got to do is get with Mark Yudof’s friends–all 11 of them. OK, so Mark Yudof might actually have more than 11 friends (according to Twitter, he has 142), but 11 is the number of dudes on the search committee for the lab’s new director. We wish we could report that it has an awesome name, like “Team Awesome” or “The Seekers” or “The Gatekeepers of the Torrent of Shame” or something, but as far as we can tell, they’re just calling it “an 11-member committee.” read more »

Somewhere in between Aerosmith and the Jonas Brothers, UC Berkeley’s very own Steven Chu managed to merit a profile in the newest issue of Rolling Stone.

The profile paints the Nobel Laureate, professor and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab director-turned Secretary of Energy as a Washington outsider faced with the challenges of dealing with the nation’s global warming and energy crisis. It also touches on a few of Steven Chu’s more “Berkeley” qualities, such as his insistence on relying on his $5,000 bike for transportation rather than owning a car.

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Secretary of Saving the Planet [Angry Asian Man]
RS Issue 1082-83 [Rolling Stone]

3331794318_9e4355226aSecretary of Energy Steven Chu—former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and professor at UC Berkeley—will be Caltech’s commencement speaker this year. Apparently the Nobel Prize cowinner’s “focus on energy research makes him an ideal speaker for Caltech.”

This decision entirely discounting his years of teaching physics and biology here at Berkeley? We won’t pretend we’re not a tad disappointed. But hey, it’s a feeling we’re quite accustomed to

by now.

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Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to Speak At Caltech Commencement [Pasadena Now]


The sting of being picked last for kickball can last a lifetime. UC Berkeley professors have pretty good standing in the political kickball arena as it is, and President Obama, a pretty baller team captain if we may say so, just chose another local for the lineup. With Goldman School of Public Policy professor Michael Nacht joining Obama’s administration, our self validation swells and Stanford belittlement grows even easier.

Obama nominated Nacht for the position of Assistant Secretary of Defense, Global Strategic Affairs. Nacht works abreast of some other big names at the public policy school, including Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, economy bigshot Robert Reich. Nacht will join fellow UC Berkeley professors Christina Romer, Steven Chu, and Thomas Kalil, who serve respectively as economic advisor, secretary of energy, and associate director of the Office of Science and Technology, on the all-star adminsitration. Meanwhile, Stanford’s two “special advisors” wave from the bench.

Image Source: News Center

Obama taps Berkeley scholar for high-level job [SF Chronic]

357240460_d2eb6da658We’ll admit it, we’re a little bit bitter. The Daily Cal announced today that Chris Gardner, author of the memoir-later-turned-Will Smith film “The Pursuit of Happyness” will be this year’s graduation commencement speaker. Meanwhile, Steven Chu–Berkeley Professor, former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and recently appointed Secretary of Energy–will speak at Harvard’s commencement.

So Steven Chu–currently in the pursuit of alternative and renewable sources of energy and formerly director of LBNL–will be giving a speech to some Ivies over on the East Coast and Gardner–who lives in Chicago–will trek over to the West Coast to talk to us. So we get the ex-homeless guy who quotes dudes who can’t spell and Harvard gets the schmancy scientist man-turned-member-of-the-Cabinet. Isn’t this a waste of energy? read more »


Particles, on your marks! You may have heard whispers amongst your scientifically inclined circle of friends, or perhaps felt a tremor within the deepest subatomic particles of your gut concerning the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s financial future. Luckily, your quarks and muons will rest easy—or rather, they won’t, because the lab has received a massive financial endowment courtesy of the U.S. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to keep its particle accelerators running.

Yes, that sigh of relief you hear echoing from the Berkeley hills comes in response to a generous $115 million handout. read more »

Barack Obama has chosen Steven Chu, the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as the new energy secretary for the incoming administration.

Among Chu’s qualifications are such small-time stuff as, say, running the Energy Department’s oldest national laboratory, being a professor in physics and MCB, and winning something called the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997.

CNN points out some Democrats are worried he might not have enough political experience. Hah.

At least it’s better having no scientific knowledge in a position that kind of demands some. We’re looking at you, Texas.

Congratulations, Chu. We know with you as energy secretary, nothing will possibly go wrong. After all, doesn’t it kind of make sense to hire a physicist when you’re faced with an energy crisis?

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Obama makes pick for energy chief, sources say [CNN]
Officials: Obama chooses energy, enviro posts [AP]

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