When the need for romance burns through the cloak of night and into the great outdoors, it may not be a bad idea to remove yourself from society by going up to the Berkeley fire trails.

Imagine, you are at the beginning of the trail off of Centennial Drive and you need loving. But where? The winding path has no few visible off shoots, and the few thin quick and slope. People on the facing hills probably can see you. All the trees around you do not provide enough cover for woopie. Maybe it’s because some are Eucalyptus trees which throw down oily leaves like someone with four aces, preventing many other types of vegetation from read more »


We’re not sure how this escaped our journalistic attention, but around six weeks ago, a 67-year-old Berkeley alum and environmental activist allegedly attacked a couple of bikers with a handsaw.

But it’s OK, because he’s got a passion for nurses. Don’cha know.

The shenanigans allegedly went down on the Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail, where two bicyclists encountered one Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D, whom they say sliced one of them across the chest because—as he apparently told them—”they should not be riding their bicycles on the trail.”

Today Vandeman pleaded not guilty to the charges in Alameda County Superior Court. Of greater interest to us, however, is the dude’s website: “Wildlife Need Habitat Off-Limits To Humans!” It’s dominated by quotations—feel-good ones about loving our planet, as well as some dialogue on the problems that mountain biking apparently poses for ecosystems.

One of our faves, from Ernie Crist (whoever the heck that is): “Mountain Biking is a latter day method of raping nature.”


Image Source: under Creative Commons
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