Campus MAP

It’s summer and you don’t want to spend all your time living in the library. We complied a short list of the best outdoor study places on campus. Each colored dot signifies the location of a photo that has a matching color border (below) so you too can enjoy the sun this summer. Also, remember to breathe in lots of fresh air! read more »


UC Berkeley campus can be beautiful; most of us students are just more often than not rushing to class, stressed and frazzled. How many times have we dismissed the vastly growing plants, and the slow, gentle trickle of water? This dismissal attitude cannot possibly be attributed entirely to classes, for how many of us are actually that eager to attend class? Perhaps the reason we don’t frequent this blessed land called Strawberry Creek, is because our environmental instincts are screaming to us that this bank is damaged and unhealthy, in other words, not worth our time.

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