Moffitt Library computer lab patrons were treated to a show of pure, unadulterated nekkid-ness at around 10:05 p.m. this evening. The Clog was one of the lucky audience members to get a whiff of the magnificent scent of mass body odor.

Unfortunately, our camera phone copped out on us, and our old YouTube video was knocked off the site due to “Terms of Service” violations, so you’ll have to rely on our word (and the totally unrelated picture of the MIT streaker above). Believe us, the smell of swingin’ body parts lingered well after the jaybirds left the labs.

Perhaps they’ll hit the stacks soon–unless they already hit it. Nevertheless, be warned. They’re known to shake their tail-feathers in the face of anyone who turns a head.

Update, 1:03 a.m.: The Clog just received some lovely point-and-shoot images of streaking in the Stacks from Daily Cal photographer extraordinaire, Justin Gonzaga. See photos after the jump.

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