yarnYou may recall (or can’t forget) the recent findings about the wonderful inhabitants of BART seats. But preliminary vaccinations (if they would even work) may not be necessary for all BART riders.

Providing at least a small shield between you and the hoards hordes of bacteria, local yarn-bomber Streetcolor has knitted two seats on BART in an effort to brighten up what can be a dreary ride.

Here’s to hoping that we’re fortunate enough to score one of these lovely seats.

Image Source: gardngrl under Creative Commons
A yarn-bombed seat on the Berkeley-San Francisco BART [Berkeleyside]

yarnbombEver feel like those grey bike racks look a little depressed? Well, yarn-bomber Streetcolor has given one bike rack in front of what used to be Black Oak Books a little bit of a pick-me-up.

With works in Palo Alto, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland and even Paris, Streetcolor tries to keep her identity hidden. That can be a bit difficult when your friends are rascals who, as she says, shout out your real name as they drive past.

The location was chosen because Streetcolor sees the bike rack when she goes to The Cheese Board and the Berkeley Farmers’ Market. Yarn-bombing in Berkeley, she says, is like “decorating (her) home.” Maybe the city should hire Streetcolor as our exterior decorator.

Image Source: Diana Li, Courtesy
A squiggly bike rack gets a woolly makeover in Berkeley [Berkeleyside]

Maybe we would have been more impressed with this if we hadn’t just come from sharing air with, y’know, some of the most masterful uses of color the world has ever been (and will ever be) fortunate enough to see — from the fantastically-hued waters of Gauguin’s Tahiti to the deep blues and radiant yellows frolicking together in van Gogh’s night skies … Mmmm, van Gogh … Uh, sorry, where were we? Right, hey, look! Streetcolor yarn bombed across the Bay, too:

Yarn Bomb

That’s right, deYoung Museum. Streetcolor just yarn bombed you. Put that in your uppity “fine art” pipe and yarn smoke it. Er, whatever.

Image Source: Jill Cowan
Streetcolor’s Blog [Site]

yarn bombEver pass by a pole in Berkeley, not really paying attention because, well, it’s a pole. And then just as your about to walk by it, pass it off as just another pole, you halt in shock: this pole is covered in pretty woolen colors. Oh yes, Berkeley and the Bay Area’s community has some valuable members who are so filled with delightfulness (at least we think so) that they want to cover our city in knitted art.

These Yarn Bombers call themselves Streetcolor and prefer to remain anonymous. On her blog she claims anonymity because she wants, “the work to be just about itself and not about our egos and being very important.” The group consists of herself (the blogger) and her assistant who she dubbed “The Russian.”

The blogger states that Streetcolor’s plans are to infest Berkeley streets — in a good way — with knitting. She likes the idea of, “people running into art on the street while they are just in their regular life, of art being ordinary but provocative and beautiful.”

Recently, the Yarn Bombers decorated a stop sign on Warring Street at Derby, which stands as a memorial for five-year old Zachary Michael Cruz, who was hit by a car there while crossing in February 2009. There was a request to bring more color to this pole. “We have had some other requests for poles that I had shuffled around and not gotten to, but I immediately wanted to do this one,” wrote the blogger. “It was very relaxing to have cars rhythmically stopping at the stop sign and some people rolled down their windows and encouraged us. I think the knitting looks comforting on the pole and encouraging of life.”

Image Source: >>>WonderMike<<< under Creative Commons
Memorial to 5-year old revived [Berkeleyside]
Streetcolor [Blog]