As an observer, one of the most entertaining part of a protest are the signs, whether they are clever or just hilariously misspelled. Indeed, one of the signs at today’s protests read, “Politians are dipers.” Excuse me, what are politians, and what are dipers? Oh, you meant to say politicians are diapers … oh. Anyway, here are a few more signs after last week’s onslaught for your enjoyment:


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Today’s strike, in large part a response to last week’s DSC02583brutal police action and the state’s funding cuts to higher education, was, dare we say, even better than last week’s Day of Action?

Better in what way, you wonder?

Gone were the cries of outrage and guilt — the campus atmosphere had metamorphosed from one revolved around hate for the 1 percent to love for fellow occupiers. Rather than being divided in how to proceed with the movement, the Cal community had united to celebrate the fight for income equality and social justice.

Instead of devoting a day to voicing grievances, Cal dedicated this strike to appreciating the individuals of the university, literally embodying the word “community.”

Sound cheesy? Here’s how today’s protest demonstrated what a public and “open” university looks like:

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Coming to and from the Main Stacks the past few days, you may have noticed a group of students camped out in front of California Hall and an accompanying police force of at least a dozen.

As much as we support the right for students to fight for what they believe in, finals seems like the worst time for a hunger strike. Oreos and Cheetos are the only thing keeping us sane after not seeing sunlight for over eight hours.

The group, dubbed the “Hungry for Justice Coalition,” had a rally Monday at 3:30 p.m. in front of California Hall, after police tried to end the strike, resulting in the seizure of protesters’ sleeping bags and tarps. We attended the rally and heard that apparently the group not only won’t eat, but has recently given up water too, claiming they have only 48 hours to live. read more »

We promise this is the last post about last week’s strike, but it’s official: the strike has struck. Though not everyone just put down their picket sign and updated their Twitter after Friday’s events:

*Forty-one students were arrested for trespassing. [LA Times]
*Two students had a few fingers broken by a few baton-happy riot guards, although no formal complaints have been filed. [SF Gate] read more »

You messed with the wrong food court, PANDA! Oh, wait, there’s more than one? No, we’re talking about the Bear’s Lair vendors’ strike. What were you talking about? Hm. Anyway, have you heard about the strike in the Bear’s Lair Food Court?

Yeah, apparently the owners of Taqueria El Tacontento and Healthy Heavenly Foods aren’t too pleased with their increased rent. Kinda sucks that the damn Store Operations Board basically doubled their rent to make way for evil corporations, like (but not necessarily) Panda Express. read more »


The three-day marathon strike/walkout/protest/slumber party/something has begun. The Clog will be bringing you more coverage later in the day, but for now check out the Daily Cal’s liveblog of the events, along with coverage of the Regents meeting at UCLA. We’ll be posting updates to our twitter as well.

Image Source: slimmer_jimmer under Creative Commons

You may have heard about some flyers flying around campus lately, so you might know that serious sh*t is supposed to go down in the next three days. To that end, the Clog’s got a calendar of events, a “schedule” if you will, that will (hopefully) clear things up a bit.

(Note: What follows is a straight copy+paste. Kind of text heavy. Peruse at your own risk.)
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Good news for all of you who have been panicking for the last four days about your lack of transportation: The BART strike, scheduled to start in just a few short hours, has been called off.

Apparently a tentative agreement has been reached with the union, and the trains will continue running tomorrow morning. Now here’s hoping this is the last we hear of this for awhile.

Image Source: Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons
Earlier: It’s Happening, No, Really This Time
BART strike averted, tentative deal reached [SF Chronicle]

Well, we alerted you awhile ago to the possible BART strike. At the time, we said the contract deadline had been extended until July 9. Perhaps, after said date coming and going without incident, you felt you were safe from any major transportation-strike hijinks. O fair transit-goer, how wrong you were. read more »


If you happen to be one of the approximately 335,000 people who relies on BART for transport on weekdays, you might want to begin exploring your alternatives, as BART tries to avert a strike among its workers. read more »

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