asucIn what turned out to be a not-so-close race, CalSERVE swept all four executive positions in the ASUC elections. Roxanne Winston won for president, Krystle Pasco is the new executive vice president, Dionne Jirachaikitti prevailed in the external affairs vice president race, and Carlo de la Cruz will serve as the academic affairs vice president come fall semester. But, lest we forget, there’s a bummed loser for every shining victor bedecked in laurel leaves and busty women. Student Action failed. The SUPERB referendum also failed. Sorry, guys. read more »

diversity.jpg Cal Day is on Saturday. And so commences a weekend influx of curious admits hoping to see what they’re getting into before they actually send in their Statement of Intent to Register. So, what’s the schedule? We have no idea. The Clog expects the usual–dorm tours, library tours, BBQs, club tabling and the like. Along with that, though, are huge events dedicated to Cal’s everlasting commitment to cultural diversity.

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oh, vanityOoh, look, the Daily Cal site is all pretty! The redesign, which was in the making for a few semesters, is finally up. We love the design, but the search function is still a little wonky–you can look for articles by specific writers but not by keywords.

Thoughts, anyone?

And speaking of pretty sites, we got a tip from Yaman Salahi via Facebook today concerning his own web design:

I thought you might like to check out the new CalSERVE website that I spent the better half of Spring Break working on. For full disclosure purposes: I am the webmaster as well as one of the party coordinators this semester, so by no means am I an “impartial observer” though I’d like to think I’m not wack. It’s at I’m not going to lie, I think it’s the best campus party website so far and I think it blows Student Action’s site out of the water.

Does CalSERVE’s site kick more ass and take more names than that of Student Action? We think only Beetle would really care in this matter.

Image Source: Madfox under Creative Commons
Daily Cal [Website]
CalSERVE [Website]
Student Action [Website]

asuc athonHence, the return of the hideous graphic font to the right. The Berkeley blogosphere is suddenly abuzz with the sound of ASUC elections campaigning, and the Clog’s almost ready to join the fun and get on the elections train for the rest of the semester. How will we ever keep up with this, Code Pink and Fresh all at once? We need more manpower. Hint, hint.

  • The first sign of elections season is the explosion of Student Action flyers. The California Patriot Blog has an interesting review about the relevance of Student Action’s “DONE” claims. Essentially, the flyers should probably read: DONE (Three Years Ago).
  • The executive slate announcements for each party are trickling in! Today’s Daily Cal announces the CalSERVE executive slate. An anti-CalSERVE blog, CalSUCK, was created surprisingly quickly, demonstrating how many of us bloggers are willing to abandon real life to cover the campaign.
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    They’re ba-ack! Student Action minions certainly attacked Wheeler Hall this week with an abundance of flyers. Each goldenrod and sky-blue sheet of paper proudly proclaim the ASUC party’s accomplishments and announce the beginning of a Frogger-inspired navigation of Upper Sproul Plaza.

    It’s de facto campaign season, and it’s not even spring break yet. Just wait’ll you come back, dear freshies.

    Image Source: Christine Borden

    The Elections Council ran the tabulation for the ASUC elections yesterday at 6:30 p.m. and released the preliminary results.

    According to the initial tabulation, the winners are:
    * President: Van Nguyen of CalSERVE
    * Executive Vice President: Taylor Allbright of CalSERVE
    * External Affairs Vice President: Danny Montes of CalSERVE
    * Academic Affairs Vice President: Curtis Lee of Student Action
    * Student Advocate: Ajay Krishnamurthy, independent

    For the senate, Student Action won 10 seats, CalSERVE won six, SQUELCH! won one and Berkeley College Republicans won one. Two independents also won seats, with Nadir Shams receiving the most votes. Winne Kuo of APPLE Engineering and Danielle Duong of CalSERVE were also a part of the top three for senate.

    Of the referenda and amendments, only the Green Initiative Fund and Line of Succession passed.

    The results are not final, however. The Judicial Council will verify the tabulation and hear censure cases before finalizing the results.

    The CalSERVE candidates and Krishnamurthy, unless tabulation went horribly wrong, have secured their spots. Curtis Lee, on the other hand, is currently facing eight potential censures. If he receives at least five, he will be disqualified. The candidate who earned the second-most votes would then take his place (if, of course, there’s no appeal).

    Shams is also facing a massive amount of potential censures–up to 20. Again, if he receives at least five he too will be disqualified.

    CalServe Shake-Up [Daily Cal]

    Now that Sproul is once again free from pushy campaigners, it’s time for politics to really begin. While tabulation of last week’s votes takes place tonight, the Judicial Council prepares for some hell-filled weeks. It’s censure time! Woo! (Oh, if only it were as exciting as it sounds.)

    Actually, last year it was. The Judicial Council disqualified the Student Action slate in 2006, and in quite the hullabaloo, the slate was reinstated. This year, Student Action once again faces enough censures to potentially disqualify the executive slate.

    Perhaps Suken Vakil will make a guest appearance. Oh God, that would be sweet.

    Let’s take a look at all the censures, a list courtesy of Beetle.

    Remember, a total of five or more censures will disqualify a candidate from the election.

    The Judicial Council will hear cases against the following:

    * Student Life Fee Referendum – 1 censure for flier placement
    * DAAP Slate – 3 censures each for dorm campaigning, 1 censure each for flier placement
    * Chad Kunert – 1 censure for truncated disclaimer
    * Jessica Parra-Fitch and Gabriela Urena – 1 censure each for no disclaimer
    * Daniel Galeon, Danielle Duong, Maurice Seaty and Roxanne Winston – 1 censure each for truncated disclaimer
    * Shawn Jain – 3 censures for flier placement
    * Nadir Shams – up to 20 censures for claiming group endorsements, 1 censure for flier placement
    * Chris Wong – 1 censure for covered flier
    * Chris Wong and Lisa Patel – 1 censure each for truncated disclaimer
    * Student Action Executive Slate – 2 censures each for campaigning within 100 feet of a polling location
    * SA Executive Slate, Alex Mastrodonato, Winnie Kuo and Wayne Feng – 3 censures each for Material Science and Engineering Association endorsement
    * SA Executive Slate, Christian Osmena and Grace Shen – 1 censure each for flier placement (times two for two counts)
    * SA Executive Slate and Loretta Kwong – 1 censure each for a flier within 100 feet of a polling location
    * Dwight Asuncion, Wayne Feng and Winnie Kuo – 1 censure each for flier placement

    As the Daily Cal notes, this means up to eight censures against the SA slate, plus one extra for Asuncion because he’s extra special. Also,

    Seven of the suits were filed against candidates who allegedly posted campaign materials outside of permissible public spaces in university buildings, which is prohibited in the bylaws…

    Facebook postings were also a common feature in the charges against the candidates. Six suits were filed against candidates who allegedly claimed endorsements without bearing the disclaimer, “Titles for Identification Purposes Only,” which is required by the bylaws.

    According to the charges, some candidates violated the rule by only posting an abbreviated version of the disclaimer, while other candidates did not have a disclaimer at all.

    Judicial hearings start tomorrow night. Let the legal frenzy begin!

    Stay tuned for the tabulation–we’ll be updating shortly.

    It’s remarkable that any of us can even distinguish different flyers anymore, but we’re taking notice. We spotted some suspicious flyers (looking vaguely familiar, we might add) this morning around the edges of the campus.

    The flyers, with the well-known “DONE” slogan, brought up some very interesting claims that certain other flyers seemed to forget. Each flyer bore the title “Uncovering the Truth: One Action at a Time” and listed various actions that a certain party “accomplished.”

    Oh, all right. We’ll stop beating around the bush. Student Action.The flyers are taking a big ol’ dump on SA.

    We snapped these lovelies with our camera phone, bitches. How’s that for quality, eh?

    Click to make ‘em bigger (though rubbing will work too).

    The Cal Patriot Blog also reports of more smearing, and this time it’s physical. Somebody had a grudge. SA’s beautiful chalkings had to die, leaving only smears of their existence. Hold on, a moment of silence.

    Hey, at least that means they’re not using hairspray anymore!

    One commenter noted that he

    also saw CalSERVE chalking defaced so it is not just hatred of SA.

    We’re curious. Help us out on this one: is it vandalism to deface vandalism?

    So we’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. No, we’re not going to go around erasing chalk (though we would take sadistic pleasure in doing so). Rather, we’ve got our own flyers.

    We’re not running for anything, but we’re a party in and of ourselves. Raise the roof? It’s already been DONE, son.

    They SAck! [Beetle Beat]
    Nobody likes me, everybody hates me [Cal Patriot Blog]

    We introduced you to the ASUC presidential hopefuls of 2007. There were thousands of Facebook friends, that hot gay guy and then the other dude who’s “not a douchebag.” This is ASUC at its finest, folks.

    We hope you’re ready for the rest of the executive slate. These people are going to bombard you with flyers and chalk your neighborhoods. You might as well know their names (and then stalk them on Facebook). Perhaps you’ll even add Ilana Nankin as your friend.

    Let’s start with the powerhouse party Student Action. You’ll be seeing these candidates’ heads on huge posters everywhere post-Spring Break. Oh God, we can’t wait.
    * Presidential Candidate: Ilana Nankin, current Student Action senator
    * Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Eunice Moon, current Student Action senator
    * Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Curtis Lee, current Student Action senator
    * External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Dwight Asuncion, current APPLE Engineering senator

    Then there’s CalSERVE, which announced its executive slate way in advance. DONE. Wait–sorry, wrong party slogan.
    * Presidential Candidate: Van Nguyen, current CalSERVE senator
    * Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Taylor Allbright, current CalSERVE senator
    * Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Caro Jauregui, current CalSERVE senator
    * External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Danny Montes, CalSERVE issues coordinator

    SQUELCH! comes next, and its slate features a Daily Cal columnist. We swear we’re completely unbiased. But if he, too, took his clothes off for a photoshoot…then we might bend the rules.
    * Presidential Candidate: Joe Rothberg, SQUELCH! party member
    * Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: David Wasserman, current SQUELCH! senator
    * Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: John O’Connor, SQUELCH! party co-signatory
    * External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: John Waste, SQUELCH! party member

    Finally, we’ve got fellow blogger Beetle in a category all of his own. He’s going to put the “slay” in executive slate. Just you wait and see.
    * Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar
    * Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar
    * Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar
    * External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar

    Welcome to the jungle of student politics. The Clog’s got your fun and games.

    Parties Put Forth Slates for Upcoming ASUC Elections [Daily Cal]

    It’s not even Spring Break yet and those Student Action peeps are already raring and ready to start a campaign bonanza. Please, spare us from the horror of ASUC election time. Can’t we just wait until April and pretend we’re normal people?

    No? Shit.

    They’re painting the town a nice cerulean and maize with their flyers, hitting up telephone poles, Wheeler, Dwinelle and Sproul Plaza. That’s pretty much everywhere (at least for humanities majors). And how many CalSERVE flyers have we seen? Two total. One was perhaps slightly covered by a Student Action. All right. DONE.

    Oh, those SA folks are busy, busy bees. Look at all that they’ve done:

    (Click the pic to see SA in all its glory.)

    Funny, they seem to have forgotten all about last summer’s accomplishment. Chalkgate 2006: a beautiful rendition of hairspray, off Broadway. Well DONE, team.

    Student Action [Official Site]

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