kathleen-murilloKathleen Murillo looks stunning. Always. To the point where we suspected superhuman abilities at work. As a psychology major and blogger extraordinaire, she shares fashion advice and commentary (complete with photos) on her blog, which has been featured in Teen Vogue, Elle, Refinery 29 and Chictopia, among others.

She graciously took time out of a hectic day to field overly nosy questions about what it takes to be amazing, inside and out:

1) How and when did you develop such an impeccable and inspiring fashion sense?

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a love for art. I guess from there, I’ve developed a creative eye for things — including fashion! Just this past year I’ve grown a deeper love for fashion and with that, started my personal fashion blog back in September 2010.

2) How do you balance it all: The Berkeley education along with the blogging, shopping, two jobs, internships and extracurriculars? (Do you own a Time-Turner, and where can we get one?)

I seriously wish I had a Time-Turner in my back pocket! But, there is one item that is a must-have when it comes to balancing everything: My planner. If you take a peek into my planner, it’s practically filled with lots of notes scribbled everywhere, but helps read more »


The inaugural Berkeley Student Bear meme.

“Welcome … You’re about to become cynical, apathetic and jaded :D ,” the Tumblr, F Yeah, Berkeley Student Bear! informs you in bold white capital letters on a backdrop of gold and blue. The circular cut-out of a roaring grizzly completes the friendly message, courtesy of Katie Dominic, about to start her second year as an MCB major. (For more info, commence Facebook stalking.)

The meme’s witticisms hit close to home, capturing every frustrating, quirky particularity of Berkeley student life. The About page, however, refused to tell us anything at all about the mastermind behind the magic, so we corresponded with the clever creator herself to bring you everything you wanted to know (and didn’t) about this entertaining Tumblr.

Because her answers to our questions so beautifully convey her personality (and because we are lazy sons of b*tches), read more »