With the death of financial stability, comes the death of romantic, meaningful matrimony. For some prospective UC Berkeley students, the promise of forever typically uttered while exchanging vows is translation for “I’ll pretend to love you forever;” forever in this case being the amount of time it takes to go through college and pay for tuition. Long story short, many students who cannot afford out-of-state tuition are hastily and spontaneously getting married (and divorced consequently) in order to gain in- state tuition by claiming themselves as independents. read more »


Fact: the economy kinda sucks. Another fact: out-of-state students pay higher fees than California residents.

Now, you’re all smart Berkeley kids and are fully capable of adding these two up. And so it really shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise to hear that UC Berkeley’s out-of-state acceptances hit a record high this year. Apparently, non-California kids will make up 18.5 percent of Berkeley’s incoming freshman class.

While many feel that this sort of economic-based preference is unfair to qualified California students, others argue that the additional funds will “help UC Berkeley maintain academic excellence for all students.” Oh, can’t we all just get along?

Well, whoever’s side you’re on, it looks like the Cali-natives are going to have to amp up the flip-flop/tank top wearing—just for the sake of balance.

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UC Berkeley Acceptances From Outside California Hit Record High [Mercury News]
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Alternatively, we could have titled this post “What’s This? More bSpace Features?” Indeed, Clog readers, the campus may impose a $13-$16 fee (for grads and undergrads, respectively) related to bSpace. According to a not-so-subtle description on the main bSpace page, no student fees are used to support bSpace currently.

We couldn’t help but notice the shameless read more »

Great Birgeneau balls!

Oof. Oh boy. How to say this … well, there’s no easy way to put it, so we’ll just tell you straight out. You remember those 9.3 percent student fee increases from not-so-long ago? And remember when UC prez Yudof said they might have increased fees by another 20 to 25 percent (despite conveniently not knowing anything about them when asked at the mid-July regents meeting)?

That might all seem like the good ol’ days come a year from now if a 32 percent fee increase from the current rate comes to pass next fall.

But enough jibber-jabber, let’s look at the numbers: read more »

UC BerkeleyThe University of California system is just not going to quit in its fight to stop a huge payout to 35,000 students who won a class action lawsuit.

Back in 2003, UC promised students that fees would not increase during their time at school. Surprise surprise, hikes came in the near future.

The UC is challenging this ruling, characterizing the judgment as flawed and unfair.
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