Stanford must have some really nice dorms.

Both The Chron and the Stanford Daily report that an 18-year-old female was living on the Stanford campus dorms for most of the school year. Except there are some teeny-weeny little issues—specifically her not actually paying rent or being a student.

Yes, you read that properly.

Azia Kim, a graduate of Troy High School in Fullerton, managed to pass herself off as a Stanford freshman and squat in the university dorms (well, it’s not that hard to strut around in Jimmy Choos on the Farm). The San Francisco Chronicle reports that she lived in two dorms over the past eight months before University staff finally caught on.

bq. “Shortly after student orientation last fall, Kim was able to convince students in Kimball Hall to let her share their room, and then to leave the window open — allowing her access even though she didn’t have a school-issued card key, students said.”

Honestly, we here at the Clog have gone to some pretty extreme ends to save money in the past (food is such a vanity item, anyway), but this beats us hands down. The Stanford Daily reports that the theft of services charges, paid at the unauthorized visitor charge of $175 per day, could be as high as $42,000 for Kim. While we can’t tell you whether or not we think that’d be a fair punishment (Kim could also be charged with trespassing), we can tell you that you can get a damn snazzy apartment for $5,000 a month. Probably one with a sauna. And a butler.

Kim apparently went so far as to buy books for classes she was claiming to be in and taking time to study for finals which she would never take. It’s kind of commendable—we have enough trouble doing those things for classes that we’re actually in.

Much of this occurrence is still a mystery. How Kim managed to avoid detection for such a long time (seriously, never using the door to your room? Always climbing through the window when you get home? Should’ve been a bit of a red flag that something was amiss) and why she went to such lengths to impersonate a (lowly) Stanford student are two of the major questions that have been asked in the wake of the discovery.

We’re mainly just asking why someone with that much ingenuity would choose Stanford over UC Berkeley. Oh well.

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