Yesterday, individual tickets for Cal football went on sale and, to no surprise, the homecoming game against USC — possibly the biggest home game of the season — is already sold out.

Before you begin cursing vociferously at this news from the comforts of your local Starbucks, we want to remind you that you still have an opportunity to see Cal get some sweet revenge against the Trojans after last year’s shellacking at Memorial Coliseum.

Season tickets are still available for the Bears’ season in the city. However, returning students beware: tomorrow, July 27, read more »

Student tickets for the football game against UCLA go on sale tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. The Cal Bears site says that only currently registered UC Berkeley students with season tickets may order.

Oh, and once you snag your tickets, this dude wants to buy one from you for 40 bucks.

Don’t forget your transport–the LJ Community’s got some tips (other than commandeering a frat bus) on making your way to SoCal.

Image Source: Linda Zhu, Daily Cal
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