This week we found something even more exciting than Chipotle Free Burrito Day and eight-cent drinks in the city: Five-cent coffee at Walgreens every Friday. That’s right, FIVE CENTS. And as some of the most sleep-deprived and caffeine-dependent students in Berkeley, we’ve done our research and we can guarantee you, this is definitely the cheapest coffee in town.

And here’s our compiled list of venues serving the bean for under a buck: read more »

Just a friendly reminder from the Clog: The return date for Fall 2008 textbooks at the student store is this Wednesday, Sept. 10.

“Why would I return my beloved over-priced textbook?” you ask. Well, just to name a few reasons:

*Your professor is a total douchebag and neglected to mention that four out of the ten books on your reading list are only “recommended reading”. read more »