What have I done!?

What have I done!?

We’ve all done it. Streamed endless amounts of television until our minds are pleasant puddles of mush, putting off the inevitable grade-determining work that defines college. “I’ll get it done,” we all chant to make ourselves feel better. But when we actually get down to it, it’s like the world has crashed down on our shoulders. How did all that work suddenly multiply?!

Here’s some advice on making it through that last minute writing assignment without pounding your head on your laptop in frustration: read more »

Don't Forget About AndroidWe all love our overpriced “i” products, but let’s make sure Apple’s little brother Android isn’t left out. When you’re not trying to simulate the droid sound with your voice and trying to rule the world with your phone like they do in the commercials, you might recall that it’s a phone. With apps. A rather smart cookie, your Droid has plenty to offer you besides a completely customizable home screen interface – take that, iPhone – but that’s off topic. Presenting the best and least expensive stuff in the Play Store for Cal students:

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Before braving the flyers and sign up sheets, keep these six tips in mind.

1. Think outside of your past: Yes, maybe you were in the Red Cross club in high school or were never in any student organizations (doubtful, since you got in to Cal), but college is the chance to push your boundaries. Why not write for a psychology journal or join an LGBT club regardless of your major or your sexuality? Take a moment to give those inklings you’ve always had in your gut a chance.
2. You can’t do everything: read more »

6046180567_a24af92530_bFeeling artsy? The beautiful weather that has broken through the lightening storm is making us feel closer to the world of aesthetics. If you have had your fill of hangovers this weekend, and are at the point where the smell of alcohol is making you sick, it may be time to head over to the Legion of Honor for a different kind of sensory experience. The Legion of Honor is showing two very special exhibitions that will leave you feeling like quite the classy college student. Both exhibits are good for the brain and good for the soul. read more »

townhallThe Clog is here in Pauley Ballroom at the Q&A Townhall with the Chancellor. We’ll be liveblogging the events so stay tuned. (Note: the picture is of a pretty town hall in Vienna. It has actually nothing to do with the post. Except that it’s pretty, and I don’t have my camera with me. If you have a better picture, hook us up).

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emptyWe know this information is probably new to all of you–but we hear tell there’s going to be some sort of walkout tomorrow. Now, if you didn’t know about it, we can’t blame you, because it hasn’t gotten much coverage. Okay, maybe that was sarcasm. Maybe all of the things we linked to about it have been published in the past 48 hours and there are about 78,498,320 more.

In any case, expect to encounter a lot of picket lines and rallies if you’re planning on being anywhere in the vicinity of campus tomorrow. If you’re thinking of participating, and aren’t just doing it as an excuse to stay home and sleep all day, we at the Clog have put together this guide to help you keep straight the teach-ins, walk-outs and teach-outs. read more »

We’ve discovered why the streets of Berkeley look so messy, especially during this finals season. And no, it’s not because of that bum on the corner over there.

It’s because students leave their shit around the city like it’s their own messy dorm room.

CBS 5 is reporting that it’s become so much of a problem that the university has set up a hotline for people to call if they see a mess on their street corner.

UC Berkeley is encouraging anyone who sees trash to dial (510) 643-5309, and the university will send someone to pick up the garbage.

The campus will also be setting up debris bins around the city where there is a large population of students so that they can throw all their old readers and textbooks away, instead of leaving them in the bushes.

Hey, instead of throwing those old readers away, why not give them to that bum on your local street corner? He needs to get an education too.