With more than half the semester already over, retaining information for those dreaded finals (or even more midterms) becomes exceedingly difficult for us non-geniuses. Instead of boring you with tips on forming a study group you can find via CollegeBoard via Google, we would like to give our own take on studying in a group. True, some students study better flying solo, but group learning can help retain information in two ways. read more »

studyThe official “dead week” period is coming to a close, and some of you will face your first finals mere hours from now. So we figured you should end it on the right foot, whether that be with procrastination or another round of studying. Whatever you choose, we’re not judging. read more »

Thinking about grad school, young grasshopper? We hope you’re ready for a test with such obscure words that even an English major bursts into tears. And, well, if you’re not, we do have a few tips for a free way to study for that behemoth test.

Expand Your Vocabulary
Play the definition game over at Free Rice and supposedly donate some rice to needy people. All that matters is that you know the meaning of lollygag.

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