A University of Washington study revealed that its computer lab keyboards carried staph and fecal coliforms. In other words: really bad bacteria and, well, poop traces. We wouldn’t be surprised if UC Berkeley’s computer labs turned up just as dirty.

The study has its flaws–like only using 30 computers, inspecting just two computer labs and implementing a rather simple perhaps not-so efficient collection method. As UW’s Daily reported, “less than 0.1 percent of all microorganisms on the computer keyboards could be collected.” You mean there could be more cooties on dear old Qwerty?

Paper Trail mentioned cleanliness as a key factor to personal learning, but we think this is more of an issue of sanitation and health. Wash your hands, people. It’ll keep you from getting sick in the dorms. And for good measure, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for those last-minute printer jobs in Moffitt.

Image Source: ScottHernandez under Creative Commons
UW study finds dirty keyboards [The Daily]
Study Says Computer Lab Keyboards Are Gross [Paper Trail]

Unsurprisingly for a blog with a staff made up of philosophy, rhetoric and English majors, the Clog doesn’t often publish business-related news. But two stories that broke this week caught our attention.

According to The Wall Street Journal, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is now the No. 2 place to receive an MBA in the country. Good for them.

Though the Clog has to confess that on the few occasions in our lives that we’ve had reason to go to that part of campus, we’ve gotten horribly lost and confused. MBAs are nice if you want to get rich, we suppose–but only a liberal arts degree teaches you how to live on $30,000 a year for the rest of your life.

On a semi-related note, a study using data from a local real estate and economic consulting firm found that UC Berkeley is the city’s biggest employer and pumps more money into the local economy than anyone else.

Is anyone else surprised that a report prepared by UC Berkeley staff highlighted the benefits of the campus for the city during the high season of lawsuits? It’s not that the data are wrong, but it’s always fascinating to see how various sides use facts and figures during disputes. Don’t say we didn’t learn anything in those Lib Arts classes.

Haas Ranks #2 in Wall Street Journal’s 2007 Recruiter Poll [Haas Newsroom]
UC Is City’s Biggest Spender, Employer [Daily Cal]

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