typewriterIt’s an epidemic of obsolete style that we’ve been running into a lot. Somehow the old rule that we should put two spaces after every period has survived well into the 2010’s. We suppose it’s a testament to the force of cultural habit, as the practical reasons for this rule’s implementation have long since disappeared.

Writers used to do this because typewriters used a monospaced font, which gave equal space to all letters. M’s would take up as much as space as i’s. They adopted the double spaces after periods to make it easier for the eye to spot sentence breaks. Fonts these days, however, are proportionally spaced, meaning that the extra space after periods is superfluous. Single spaces are now the formally correct way to do it, according to the Chicago Manual of Style. read more »

It’s hard out there for a … punk?

In a way we were just a tad disappointed upon arriving at college to find that the stereotype of Berkeley as a breeding ground for wild and wonderful eye candy was just that – a stereotype. In today’s seas of earnestly-inspired (but decidedly inoffensive) combat boots around campus, it’s next to impossible to spot a pair of New Rocks in Berkeley. How things have changed since 2004…

UC Berkeley Gets A - Er, Makeover

UC Berkeley style gets a - er, makeover. (Click to expand!)

In fact, when we were in grade school, Hot Topic was actually cool.

No, really.

It once was a place where your cool, mohawked older siblings went to buy Manic Panic and bondage corsets, read more »