A study published by Nature Neuroscience and led by a UC Berkeley psychologist suggests solving crossword and sudoku puzzles is more likely to lower anxiety in people than, say, watching television. Gee, we wonder why that is.

In addition, anxious people finished slower than others when faced with simple tasks, being unable to block out distractions as well as others. Solution? More meditation, of course.

A proposed explanation says the amygdala overreacts to certain stimuli, in turn lowering one’s ability to concentrate.

Conclusion? Stop procrastinating studying for your Saturday final and do more sudoku, dammit!

Image Source: incurable_hippie under Creative Commons, solved by Evante Garza-Licudine
Brain workout may help anxiety, study suggests [Chron]

Last Thursday marked the last day the Daily Cal published on its summer schedule. You can expect a whole new slew of news pieces, columns, movie reviews and sudoku (because seriously, who does the crossword?) starting a week from Monday.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll be gone! The Clog will still be around this week to keep you up to date with all the (ir)relevant tree-people news, facebook updates and other nonhappenings of a Berkeley summer (that is, while it lasts).

And for the summer students—good luck on finals!

Image Source: cwirtanen under Creative Commons