We walked into our last class of the week today, ready to relax and let the glory of Astronomy C10 (you know, that one class taught by like, the greatest professor ever) wash over us when we noticed that something was off. It seemed that our classmates had aged by a couple of decades since Wednesday!

We panicked, and looked around anxiously, thinking that this was some kind of sick demonstration by the mischievous Professor Filippenko to show the effects of cosmic time warps or something, but then we remembered that it was Homecoming week. And Homecoming means parents … and alumni. Everywhere.

We’re guessing that Filippenko’s entertaining and informative lectures got placed on some kind of “Berkeley treasures we need to show off while sugar mamas and daddies are here” list. In any case, the zany astronomer was in full form, talking about the planets, moons, and other spacey stuff. He even managed to work in a little spiel about global warming by using Venus as a vision of Earth’s possible overheated future. Hm … smart man, that Alex Filippenko.

Image Source: Jeffrey Silverman under Creative Commons