And by hunting, we really mean bison watching. The Clog isn’t the biggest zoo fan and we’re not particularly fond of animal-watching — after all, how exciting could it possibly be? But when it comes to bison, well … how many times in your life are you gonna sight buffalo? Yeah, that’s what we thought. read more »

horse racing

Berkeley ain’t no Atlantic City, but if you’re aching to gamble, horse racing is your next best bet (pun completely intended). Luckily, we have a race track close by in the form of Golden Gate Fields.

The horses come back to please on Friday, August 17, and will end the summer session in September. read more »

Summer is coming

As you may very well have noticed by now, the Clog is a great fan of the Game of Throne series. Imagine our delight when we found the above sign sitting outside a Starbucks! For those non-GOTers, the sign is a homage to the House of Stark’s classic slogan, “Winter is coming.”

They’ve certainly pulled in our business for the season.

Image source: Tumblr, Courtesy


When introducing ourselves to a random group of strangers, we often find that many people, when listing their “hobbies” or “interests”, claim that they “love to eat”. But how much can YOU, dear reader, stomach in one meal? This summer, the Clog double doggy dares you to participate in a Berkeley-style eating challenge, and if you can’t finish one of those, then come up with your own. Challenge accepted? read more »

Bike across GGB

In light of recent Golden Gate Bridge celebrations, we thought that for our next summer bucket list item, we’d involve our favorite 75-year old bridge (because there are just so many of them!). After taking a nice naked dive into Strawberry Canyon Pool, try drying off by … well, drying off. And then hit up the GGB for a bike ride — yeah, we know, physical activity gets to us too.

But trust us, a breath-taking view of the San Francisco Bay combined with an enjoyable excursion in wonderful weather makes it all worth it. read more »

pretty pool

So you’ve bought your ticket to a concert at the Greek Theater, and anxiously waiting for the show day to arrive, but now what? Need more on your summer bucket list? Add swimming at Strawberry Canyon Pool to that.

Swimming naked, that is. read more »

bonfire greek theater

Starting today, the Clog is beginning a Summer Bucket List Series, where we’ll suggest some of the hippest, chilliest, coolest, swaggiest, Cloggiest, you-don’t-want-to-miss-these things to do this summer. Let the fun times begin!

First up on our list: see a concert at the Greek Theater! read more »