We actually think that midterms suck in general, but when they’re in the beginning of June, when our brains were just finally getting nice and mushy after finals, well, that just feels like an especially poignant kick to the crotch. It’s painful. It’s rude. It can result in infertility (okay, not that last one).Somewhere between the horrors of moving and (hopefully) going out and doing some of those “summery” things that normal people (who don’t work for the Clog) get to do, you find yourself needing to read 220 pages of Freud and Adler and Rogers and everything else having to do with the theoretical basis for personality . . . but it’s so damn nice outside.

Possibly to keep the Session A folks from feeling too left out from the normal joys of sunshine and happiness, the Summer Sessions staff sent out an e-mail today reminding everyone that “the beginning of Session B (June 11 – August 17) (is) fast approaching.” Now the Session A people have someone else to commiserate with over the Main Stacks closing after 6 p.m.

Obviously, there are some nice things about Summer Sessions, like not needing to overload yourself with 20 units of astrophysics all through the rest of the year or being able to go study somewhere incredibly bad ass. For those of us who aren’t insane rocket-scientist-type majors and are staying in this summer-time ghost town, the main advantage is that it gives us something to do other than working low-stress jobs, playing Mario Kart, lounging in the sun, not getting up until two in the afternoon . . . wait a second, why in the name of fuck are we doing this?