Are you into classic Broadway musicals? Do you know all the lyrics from “Oklahoma!” by heart? Do you sing them in the shower?

Even if you answered no to all of the above questions, you might want to check out “Carousel,” being performed tonight with a full orchestra. Oh, and did we mention, it’s free? read more »

rock climbing

Like they do in army commercials. We know rock climbing is one of those things you keep putting off. We found a super local, super beginner-friendly opportunity for you. Don’t let it slip away this time. read more »

It's probably cooler than this.You know that trite-and-true expression about fearing the unknown or whatever? Well, it doesn’t usually apply to roller coasters, since most people who are scared of them can pretty well pinpoint the fact that humans aren’t really designed to, like, fall out of the sky and stuff as being the reason why.

But if you’re still determined to LEARN MORE about “the physics of roller coasters and the physiology and psychology of thrill-seeking,” the Lawrence Hall of Science, as usual, has all the answers at Scream Machines, an interactive exhibition “for thrill seekers of all ages”! Sure, it’s on ’til January, but don’t roller coaster simulations and awesome views of the bay just scream summer? Yes, yes they literally do. (ArewerightLOL?!)

Anyway, student tickets are $9 and come with admission to the museum, which is a sight less than you’d pay to get into Disneyland or one of  its emotionally stunted bastard stepchild amusement parks like Six Flags. And you (probably) won’t have to deal with absurd lines or ugly tourists. Yay!

Image Source: Canadian Veggie under Creative Commons
Scream Machines [Lawrence Hall of Science]
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Nothing like ushering in the school year with a blistering heat wave capable of boiling off all of the the lovely stress-free memories you’ve accumulated this summer. In the spirit of that, we’ve got one last to-do for you, 100 percent carefree. BART, bus, bike or otherwise transport yourself down to Jack London Square in Oakland this weekend for the second annual EatReal Festival. Cheap! Food! Entertainment! read more »

479270001_68343e8678_bWe’re sure those of you who are out of Berkeley right now are beginning to ache to return to your classes and readings. At the same time, you have also been left thoroughly disenfranchised by the Clog’s summer to-do’s thus far which have actually required you to be in the Bay Area to enjoy. Well, fret no longer, as the University Library and College Writing Programs have released their annual summer reading list, this year’s theme—science. read more »

Mulan II download

Ablaze dvd

The Burning Plain dvdrip Bug psp

Today, the Chron released its “Mission Sugar Trail

,” which we would like to lovingly dub the roadmap to diabetes. Please, for the love of all things sacred and sweet, do not attempt this journey in one day. You may go into seizures. As in multiple.

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Faculty Glade (a.k.a. 4.0 Hill) is too hilly, People’s Park is too hippie, and sidewalk picnics tend to turn into “34 Ways To Fry Your Ass.” However, after a Daily Cal “company picnic potluck,” we found that with a few “Why didn’t we think of that?” seeds of wisdom–a summer picnic on Memorial Glade can prove to be fun, easy and relaxing.

1. Bring Your Own Cup

Guests are quick to call dibs on bringing plates and utensils. Beverages are next on the list of almost-bringing-nothing-but-I’m-still-bringing-something. Really, though, we take these items for granted, because even if no one thinks of the spoons or apple juice–hands really are five-pronged forks, and we can save our spit ’til we find a drinking fountain. A smart picnic-goer, however, remembers to bring his or her own cup. There’s no way around sneaking a sip from the 2-liter store-brand, flat soda without everyone labeling you as a douchebag, but bring your own cup and folks will smile and say “That’s why you got into Berkeley!” read more »

Saturday, Aug. 9 2008

The summer symphony orchestra had their first of two performances last night at Hertz Hall, and will be closing the curtains tonight. We say this figuratively, of course, as Hertz doesn’t actually have a curtain. But after sitting through one short tune, one long one, and one very, very long piece–we can tell you that this show is a must-hear. Some highlights were watching a dignified old fellow play the timpanis with maracas, the shouts of “mambo!” by a butt-load of violin players during “Symphonic Dance from Westside Story,” and whispering to our seat-mate about the commercials we recognized Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. It was also pretty entertaining to watch the conductor rock out with his long hair and tuxedo at the very end of the show. So don’t miss out on your last chance to see it!

UC Berkeley Summer Symphony Orchestra
Saturday, Aug. 9 at 8 p.m.
Hertz Hall

Saturday, Aug 9 – Sunday, Aug 10

San Francicso is going to be teeming with Filpino jazz musicians at SF Pinoy Jazz Fest. Events will take place at Yerba Buena Gardens as part of the SF Pistahan Parade and Festival and the Metreon Action Theatre. Just to be clear, only the events at Yerba Buena Gardens will be free. Both are supposed to be very promising in terms of renowned musicians, entertainment and all that–well–jazz. Once again, here’s how it’s all going down:

SF Pinoy Jazz Fest
Saturday & Sunday, Aug. 9 – 10
1 p.m. at Yerba Buena Gardens and 5 – 9 p.m. at Metreon Action Theatre

Image Source: Lili Vieira de Carvalho under Creative Commons
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Who knows what to expect in a museum called The Contemporary Jewish Museum–a museum in San Francisco that opened last June, was converted from a PG&E substation and is built in the shape of gigantic Hebrew letters? CJM is all this and more–and by “more”, we’re talkin’ collages of Jewish community members of the Bay Area (see if you can spot some buddies), a big, white, soundproof room for the current music exhibit and a showcase of the dude that, like, invented “Shrek.” read more »

Summer’s winding down and school is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in one last hurrah before the fun is done. You could always go to the Vans Warped Tour, but we think you’re better than that. At least one should hope so.

Monday, Aug. 4

* The Faint, Fillmore, 9 p.m.

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