4543932241_4256231ea9_zThe semester is winding down. The week ahead promises to be filled with procrastination and if you are graduating, reminiscing. You will be going to every restaurant, bar, or café in the Berkeley area in order to get all your Berkeley energies out before you pack up and head home (whether home means into your mother’s open arms, or to your new grad school landscape).

So, as we sign off on Berkeley life, we will be briefly re-living our first experiences at a few of Berkeley’s most unique cafés and bars. Maybe they will inspire you to visit them if you are yet to try them, or simply remind you to go back one last time.

First up is the Elmwood Cafe on College Ave. It is one of our all time favorites, and one not often visited because it is not just right across the street from campus. Enjoy! read more »

1611765413_d01b66af58_bSummer is almost upon us! It’s time to creep out of our study holes like the survivors of a zombie apocalypse and get a taste of that much needed summer sun. After your tired eyes and pinkish-white skin have gotten used to the shock, we invite you to come lay out on Memorial Glade with us. During this week of RRR, use the Berkeley Beach to your advantage. Here are a few useful tips for your day at this surprisingly grassy seaside.

1. Bring a Blanket: With nothing in between the wet grass and your pasty thighs, your stay at the beach will not be as enjoyable. The grass is often wet and after a while will leave red, itchy imprints on your skin. We assume this is not what you want. So bring a blanket, towel, or old sheet, and lay on it just as you would on the sand.

2. Gain Higher Ground: In our opinion, the best spots on the glade are those that are slightly elevated. Go towards the edges, where the ground is slightly higher, and you will find that your experience will be much improved. First off, the view is better, as you can see all the activity going on around you. Also, you are farther away from the Frisbees, dogs and other nonsense that goes on at the center of the glade. Plus, you get to feel like the king (or queen) of Memorial, looking down on your subjects. read more »


If you’re incredibly thrilled about returning to school or finally getting out of your parents’ house (we’re looking at you, freshmen and Haas MBA students), nothing will snatch that enthusiasm, throw it on the ground and spit on it more than move-in day (move-out day is just as dreadful, but we’ll write about that in nine months). And if one day wasn’t enough, Cal housing has decided that Move-in Weekend is a much better way to extend the misery.

Why does move-in day(s) suck, you ask? read more »


Summer is now in full swing, and if you haven’t already headed out of dodge, you’re wishing you had. Well luckily for you, the folks over on the travel blog have done more than their fair share of exploring, and they’re willing to recount their adventures. It’s almost as good as actually being there.

Image Source: Christian Haugen under Creative Commons
Earlier: Conquer Steep Precipices
Travel Blog [Daily Cal Blogs]

Nom nom nom. Over the past couple of days, we noticed a crop of port-a-potties that sprouted at various points along Telegraph Ave. and wondered why they were there. Were they an attempt to use reverse psychology on the trademark Telegraph piss smell? Or were they simply harbingers of some upcoming, traffic-blocking, semi-pointless-but-still-kinda-cool Berkeley event? The suspense was killing us.

This morning, we got our answer as the day dawned, bright and clear, on the first of three LastSundaysFests that will take place this summer. The two remaining aptly named LastSundaysFests are scheduled for Aug. 30 and Sept. 27–days which astute calendar interpreters will recognize as, well, the last Sundays of their respective months.

As far as we could tell, the event is basically like a summer version of the Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair, plus a bounce house and minus a Santa. So, you know. It all sort of balances out, we suppose.

LastSundaysFest on Telegraph [Website]

Nerdy recent Berkeley grads, don’t skip town yet! Leave it to San Francisco to host something as geekily absurd as “the world’s largest robot competition,” a.k.a. RoboGames 2009 Lucas movie full Groundhog Day hd

Goosebumps: The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight move

. And from the looks of things, it is exactly what it sounds like.

The RoboGames begin this Friday, June 12 and rage the whole weekend long. read more »


If you’re still in Berkeley right now, it probably means you’re up here for the long summer haul. It probably also means a sizable chunk of your friends are no longer in the area and you’re starting to realize your Saturday nights are looking a little more lonely than you anticipated when you signed up for this whole “summer” thing. Actually, now that you think about it, so are your Saturday days.

Well, this weekend your luck may change–er, if you consider not being bored witless getting lucky. Here’s what’s up: read more »

Last Thursday marked the last day the Daily Cal published on its summer schedule. You can expect a whole new slew of news pieces, columns, movie reviews and sudoku (because seriously, who does the crossword?) starting a week from Monday.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll be gone! The Clog will still be around this week to keep you up to date with all the (ir)relevant tree-people news, facebook updates and other nonhappenings of a Berkeley summer (that is, while it lasts).

And for the summer students—good luck on finals!

Image Source: cwirtanen under Creative Commons

Did you spot the last-day squirrel? Friday marked the last issue of spring semester production for The Daily Californian.

Starting next week, the Daily Cal will be available every Monday and Thursday. Summer production ushers in a new crew of editors:

Editor-in-chief: Bryan Thomas
Managing editor: Tamara Bartlett
Night editor: Laura Macarthur
News editor: Angelica Dongallo
Sports editor: Andrew Kim
Arts and entertainment editor: Louis Peitzman
Opinion editor: Victoria Tang
Photo editor: Nathan Yan
Clog editor: Patrici Flores
Staff representative: Salgu Wissmath

Sorry, but you gotta deal with Patrici for yet another semester (what a drag, right?).
Image Source: Daily Cal
Changing of the Guard [Daily Cal]

Summer is the peak season for awkward greetings. It’s time for your college self to exchange handshakes, hugs, ass slaps, pounds and scissor kicks with all of life’s peripheral people. But how the hell do you handle the uneasy salutation sessions?

On the one hand, it pays to be gregarious and charismatic. On the other hand, if you were gregarious and charismatic you wouldn’t be going to UC Berkeley. Don’t worry, though. The Clog is here to help with every last lame interaction.

  1. Guy You Once Smoked Weed With In the High School Parking LotBest to go with the standard “stilted white guy side-five-and-fist-pound” routine. This time-honored suburban tactic may present some problems, though. What if the dude chooses not to pull away for the pound? What if he leaves your pound hanging? What if (God forbid!) you miss the pound? What then? Oh Lord, what then?

    Don’t worry. Just chuckle if something goes awry and spark a fake conversation about how “crazy” everyone was back in the day.

  2. Vacuous Acquaintance Friend-of-a-Friend GirlDon’t embrace her Abercrombie bedecked exterior unless she’s doing one of those conveyor belt hug things with your friend group. She’s forced the issue at that point. But what, if after hugging your whole crew, she actually snubs you (would that be a “snug”?)? Um, in that case, we don’t know what to tell ya. The bleak reality of your self-esteem getting kicked in the nuts is too much for mere advice to heal.

    Just be warned that if you get snugged three times over the course of your home visit, God may give your virginity back retroactively. And a kitten dies every time that happens.

  3. The Stench UncleAs “Arrested Development” has exhaustively taught us, flesh and blood is an important thing. Unfortunately, at scorching family barbeques, that combo can sometimes smell like shit. Take this scenario:

    Your sweaty, drunken Uncle Compost is waddling up to you. He’s got that look in his eye. It says, “Let’s talk about your prospective career choices while I interrupt you at point blank range!” But before Captain Avskunkular subjects you to that, he must push his stinky man-musk deep within your pores. He won’t be satisfied until the squeeze of the hug allows his smelliness to lay eggs in your soul. What we’re saying in a roundabout way is, pre-empt the man with a firm handshake. And wash that hand.

  4. Ex-Prof Who Can’t Remember Your NameWait, this is an issue at our institution? You should be so lucky to be remembered enough to get name-forgotten.

    Anyway, a firm handshake should suffice in this case as well. The ultra firmness of the shake should convey the following: “Thanks in part to your superb guidance, I have evolved into a better gripper.” Then laugh and say something about how you were so “crazy” back in the day. And casually mention that you learned more from the Happy Happy Man.

  5. King Midas of PessinusThanks to Dionysus’s liberal wish granting, greeting Midas has become a bigger pain in the ass than ceaselessly schlepping a boulder through a minitar’s colon. You learned from the time your drunken buddy tried to hook up with Medusa: Things that can turn you into solid objects should be avoided at all costs.

    But still, Midas means well and it isn’t right to offend him. Just a week back, he graciously offered you the chance to housesit the palace during the month of Mamakterion.

    So what to do if the king of bling is a bit tipsy and tries to give you a Hellenistic Handjive? You’re well advised to throw the Vacuous Acquaintance Friend-of-a-Friend Girl at him and claim that she’s a sacrificial offering of thanks. Or you can pretend to be on your cell phone and just ignore him.

    (Honorable Mentions on The Archetypal Awkward Summer Greeting List: Evil Twin, Father Who Didn’t Hug You Enough, Naked Grandmother, Fashionista, Old Creepy Middle School Gym Teacher, Jehovah’s Witness, Jay-Z, rodent, abstract concept, Allison Stokke)

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