When introducing ourselves to a random group of strangers, we often find that many people, when listing their “hobbies” or “interests”, claim that they “love to eat”. But how much can YOU, dear reader, stomach in one meal? This summer, the Clog double doggy dares you to participate in a Berkeley-style eating challenge, and if you can’t finish one of those, then come up with your own. Challenge accepted? read more »

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We’re starting to sound like a broken record, what with all of our posts about free stuff and how much we love it, but it seems like our love for bargains trumps just about anything. For reals. When we heard about an opportunity to nab some free ice cream sandwiches earlier in the week, we got so excited that we decided to go straight to the source — the guys behind Munch On Me — to find out what they were all about and why their site was practically throwing free food at us. Not like we’re complaining or anything.

So, for your reading pleasure, we painstakingly transcribed our interview with one of Munch On Me’s co-founders, Jason Wang.

Clog: Let’s start with the basics. Munch On Me has kind of taken off overnight and not a lot of people have heard about it yet. But since Monday or Tuesday it’s made a big splash in Berkeley, so could you tell us a little bit about just what is Munch on Me, and how did you guys get started?

Jason: Sure. Munch On Me is a platform for users to really discover dishes around their neighborhood, and namely in Berkeley, where we target the UC campus, downtown Berkeley, and the Gourmet Ghetto on Northside.

So, we partner with restaurants who want to showcase some of their food and we go in with a photographer to take professional, high-grade photos and a content writer to really write about the food: key ingredients, a review of the dish and about the merchants. read more »