Those wishing to remain cultured on a student’s budget can do well to take advantage of SUPERB‘s movie and concert offerings. They also offer giveaways for concert tickets and the like, and if you hustle down to Wheeler Auditorium tonight, you could catch a showing of “Toy Story 3″ for just $3 with Cal ID.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the semester: read more »

Because the SUPERB website hasn’t been updated since last semester, we’ve been resorting to other methods.
Oh well, they’ve made up for it with their selection of this next film:
Wes Anderson’s Oscar-nominated “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” (still playing in theaters in Berkeley), showing this Friday in Wheeler.
For those of you who haven’t seen it but consider yourself Anderson fans, shame on thee! And for those of you who haven’t seen it, do. You will not be disappointed!
Shows at 7 and 8:50 p.m.
$3 w/ Cal ID
$5 general admission

Next Friday, March 5, they’ll be showing “Up in the Air.”

Image Source: Lucius Kwok under Creative Commons

SUPERB Presents: FANTASTIC MR. FOX [Facebook]


Got a spare hour tomorrow between 12 and 1 pm? Rather than just chilling in the halls of Dwinelle, waiting for your next class to start, check out the free Friday afternoon concert put on by SUPERB! The event features the alternative-rock band, Chasing Kings, and will be held on Lower Sproul Plaza. So liven up your lunch time and check ‘em out … It’s free!

Image Source: mojographer under Creative Commons
SUPERB Presents: Chasing Kings [Facebook]


Gloomy weather didn’t stop the hipsters from flocking to Lower Sproul Plaza for Friday night’s free concert, courtesy of student-run Superb. The event kicked off with a roughly 40 minute set of folksy, alternative rock by Thao + The Get Down Stay Down. Raw vocals, some jazzy keyboarding, and the wholesome twang of guitar strings got the crowd into a frenzy of head bobbing and swaying from side to side. And the occasional James Lipton joke didn’t hurt either.

The Thermals took the stage from 6-7 pm with a high-energy show, in spite of the intermittent bursts of rain. Back to back songs made the hour fly by, as The Thermals performed songs from their hit albums as well as some previously unreleased material. Ending with the title song of their 2009 album Now We Can See, The Thermals left their audience feeling as upbeat as the music they played.

Image Source: kata rokkar under Creative Commons

Avatar Dallas_by_Andres Rueda

While the good folks over at SUPERB! are busy updating their site with this semester’s Wheeler film series, the Clog has the list of what to expect:

2/5 Where the Wild Things Are (7, 9)
2/26 Fantastic Mr. Fox (7, 8:50)
3/5 Up in the Air (7, 9:10)
4/9 Sherlock Holmes (7, 9:30)
4/23 Avatar (7, 10)

Remember, films are usually in Wheeler Auditorium and cost $3 with student ID ($5 otherwise).

Image Source: Andres Rueda under Creative Commons

With a new record (“A Chorus of Storytellers”) dropping from Sub Pop this week, The Album Leaf is slated to play a free set tomorrow, Tuesday Feb. 2 at the Berkeley Art Museum.

Multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle (of Tristeza and The Locust) sojourned to Reykjavik to mix the album. (Perhaps for some quality Icelandic bromance time with Jonsí Birgisson of Sigur Rós?)

Either way, we believe in elves and wouldn’t miss this for the world.

BAM doors open at 6:30 p.m., show starts at 7. And it’s absolutely FREE with a valid UC Berkeley ID.

Also upcoming from Superb!: The Thermals and Thao with The Get Down Stay Down next Friday Feb. 12 from 5-7 p.m. in Lower Sproul Plaza. This one’s free for everyone and their mother. And their favorite vagabond. And their favorite vagabond’s mother. You get the idea.

Image Source: Braunimaging under Creative Commons
The Album Leaf [Superb]

Thanks to your diligent voting, we won! This Friday Dec. 4 at 7  p.m., there will be free screening of “Youth in Revolt” in Wheeler  Auditorium. More importantly, there will be free Michael Cera (and Portia Doubleday) in the flesh.

Best set up your banana stand in front of Wheeler Hall early … we’ve been warned: ”Admissions for the film screening are not guaranteed.  Students will line up at theater, first come first served.” Alright, alright. We get it. We’ll be there by 6:30.

This advance screening is for UC Berkeley students only, so make sure you bring your student I.D. But don’t bring your cell phone. Those aren’t allowed.

There’s a 21 + after party across the bay from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Westin St. Francis Grand Ball Room, 335 Powell St. (Union Square), San Francisco.

Note: So as not to conflict with this event, the formerly mentioned SUPERB! screening of “Inglorious Bastards” has been re-scheduled for Wed. Dec. 2 at 7 and 9:30 p.m.

Image Source: eugene under Creative Commons
ASUC SUPERB Presents a FREE Advance Screening of “Youth in Revolt” [SUPERB!]

spinal tap

The kids at SUPERB! are back and booking. Having lured the likes of both Girl Talk and the Counting Crows to the depths of lovely Lower Sproul Plaza in semesters past, this time around expect yet another incredibly hit and miss lineup. But wait—get enthusiastic! This time around, the hit/miss ratio may depend on you. Seems a band or two may hinge on popular demand. If you care about Islands or Wu-Tang’s Raekwon the Chef, read on … read more »

This guy went to Berkeley!

Say what you will about SUPERB!’s usual lineup of movies, this semester’s looks stronger than past ones.

Unfortunately, the schedule is already under way but you can still catch a few good ones. All films are $3 with Cal ID and $5 for general admission, with the exception of “Star Trek,” which can go for $1 if you wear a super special awesome homecoming T-shirt! Yay! And they’re all at Wheeler Auditorium.

As of this posting, here they are in chronological order: read more »

"Ours go to eleven"

UC Berkeley is home to a distinct breed of cigarette rollin’, mustache sportin’ cats who silently reek with that certain “Yeah, I’m in a band” quality.  Greater yet is the population of guys at frat parties who, in the presence of women, strategically proclaim their membership in, you guessed it, “a band.”  However, this news is for the smaller, probably subtler group of folk who are actually in bands: SUPERB concerts extends an unprecedented invitation to participate in a “Local Band Showcase,” with the campus as your stage! read more »

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