With the presidential election coming up in November, people are already getting ready to cast their votes toward their favored presidential candidate. Be it Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, time will tell who voters will decide to take the reins of our country for the next four years. However, in the world of the “Ultimate Universe” of Marvel comics, that decision has already been made. That’s right folks; the new commander-in-chief is none other than the star-spangled man himself, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. And contrary to how we often do things on the Clog, no, we’re not joking. read more »

anthony-martin-missing-2We want to take this time to celebrate a new hero of ours, a local man. He stood up for what he believed in, followed his heart, did what he felt he had to. We applaud him.

He did what we dream of doing every semester when it gets more and more difficult to drag our exhausted selves to lecture. He did what we dream of doing when we realize we must tell that guy/gal/androgynous-looking-person-who-believes-gender-is-a-social-construct we’ve been dating that it’s just not working anymore. It would be so easy to hop on a bike, abandon our cell phones and just disappear into the Berkeley hills (maybe, you know, check into a hotel in Roseville, 100 miles away). read more »

superIf you’re in San Francisco and you see someone wearing a cape, it’s not necessarily because you’re next to an Urban Outfitters. San Francisco is just one of the cities participating in the Real Life Superhero Movement, in which a bunch of normal people transform themselves into superheroes.

They then take to the streets to fight crime — vigilante style. So if you ever feel an unexplainable urge to exact some justice (or just wear your underwear outside of your pants in a socially acceptable manner), don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Image Source: jmv under Creative Commons
Otherwise Reasonable San Franciscans Dress Up as Superheroes to Fight Crime [SFist]