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With a new semester comes new classes that are always difficult to find. Knowing this, the fine people at this institution have come up with a much faster way to access your classes, campus maps and other goodies through your iPhone or — the far less superior and far more “overprivileged” – Android. Just type in [News Center]

Astronomers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered read more »


You probably find yourself asking some basic questions every couple of days. For instance, did I do my laundry? If so, where is that pesky left sock? Is that paper really due tomorrow? And of course, the kicker: sure, supernovae are cool and all that, but will obtain a 3-D image of a supernova that will tell us if the gas that is released is ejected symmetrically?

We don’t know about that left sock, but we’re happy to oblige you with the last question. The answer is yes. Astronomers at the Keck telescope on Mauna Kea (including Berkeley’s own beloved Alex Filippenko) recently observed read more »

Unlike the above video, the best theory for what causes this type of supernova requires two white dwarfs instead of one.

In a nutshell, UC Berkeley astronomers happened upon some data that classified a supernova (later creatively named SN2002bj) discovered in 2002 as Type II, which turns out to be pretty common, and realized the brightness and duration were closer to read more »

3264405739_bf3e504a58In an intergalactic turn of seemingly apocalyptic proportions, our friendly neighborhood red giant is, according to UC Berkeley researchers, possibly about to explode.

Sound alarming? We kinda thought so too, although Betelgeuse, close proximity to our neck of the woods notwithstanding, apparently isn’t near enough to have any impact beyond a really fantastic light show should this supernova occur. In fact, if the rapidly shrinking star has indeed reached the end of its lifetime, it has probably already

Silent Venom divx collapsed and we simply haven’t witnessed the grand finale, considering it’s about 600 light-years away.

Which, all in all, is a little disappointing. Not that we’re jonesing to cosmically combust … but you have to admit it’d be epic.

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