After a long wait for the sit-lie issue to begin at last night’s City Council meeting, the public comments section ended with a dramatic adjournment when the crowd broke out into song and dance. As opposed to the first meeting over sit-lie, where the atmosphere in the room was charged with anger and hysteria, last night was simply … bizarre. Here’s a full recap: read more »


Spotted: Council woman Susan Wengraf of District 6 jumping into a Berkeley patrol car. Sadly, our gossip isn’t as juicy as you’d might hope — she wasn’t arrested for anything like sleeping/sitting on a sidewalk in public, but was instead taking a ride-along with BPD.

Berkeleyside quotes Wengraf as saying, “I helped catch a criminal. It was so much more satisfying than a City Council meeting.” No doubt, since you clearly almost fell asleep on one of the most raucous city council meetings all year.

So basically, Wengraf’s adrenaline thrills come from riding in cop cars. Or maybe she’s just channeling her inner Beyonce.

Lesson learned: to get Wengraf to pay attention to the next meeting, taker her on a ride around the block first.

Image source: Bas Van Uyen under Creative Commons

darth vader

A continuation of our “behavioral analysis” of the circus that is the Berkeley City Council members and their positions on the sit-lie measure (we thought we’d throw in another Star Wars picture, because who doesn’t like those?): read more »


The Clog isn’t one to attend City Council meetings, but we’re so upset over the sit-lie measure that the Force itself couldn’t have stopped us from going last night (trust us, the Star Wars references are definitely relevant). What we were met with was absolute chaos and entertainment you simply can’t buy. The evening began civilly enough, but eventually devolved into a shouting match that left us fearing for our lives. The crowd was just about ready to storm the Bastille as the Jedi High Council Berkeley City Council fought amongst themselves and then, with Samuel L. Jackson impersonations manifesting themselves, exhaustion settled over the room and the measure was placed on the ballot. Cue cries of “Shame on you!”

Here’s the Clog’s recap of last night’s events: read more »