virusH1N1 isn’t the only virus you have to worry about catching these days. According to a new report by a Palo Alto security startup, the number of Web pages infected with malware has doubled in the last few months. Time to put on your metaphorical face masks folks, this is an epidemic.

Much like toilet handles, Web-based infections have proven a highly effective form of virus distribution and backward internet criminals (still piggybacking on e-mail attachments? tisk, tisk) are just catching on. Over 5.5 million pages have already been infected.

This new form of virus inoculation—the “drive-by download”—is mainly targeting larger sites, so if you think just steering clear of smaller, sketchy sites will keep you virus-free, think again. Sites for Fox Sports and even (gasp!) the New York Times have been past carriers.

Mac Book Pro: $1200. Norton 360: $79.99. Knowing that a virus won’t strike at 3 a. m. when you’re procrastinating working on your essay: priceless.

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Malware infections double on Web pages [SF Gate]

Every girl you know with a septum piercing and a thing for Jews hightailed her androgynous-footwear to the Multicultural Center Friday night with a single hope: to get extremely loud and incredibly close with bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer. And his glasses. After a reading from his new non-fiction book, “Eating Animals,” Foer engaged in an hour-long dialogue with Berkeley meat eaters and others alike.

While some think the book is nothing more than a glorified PETA pamphlet with cutesy cover art, we did learn some neat stuff: read more »

shorts11-235x300Do you hate needles? Do you hate vaccines? Do you hate SWINE FLU?? Lucky for you there’s now a nasal spray for your snout. [SFist]

Gavin Newsom and his wife just had their first baby girl. Le’ts hope by the time she’s grown up, she’ll be able to get married, no matter what her sexual orientation happens to be. [San Jose Mercury News]

Have you ever wanted to convert a parking space into a public park? Yeah, we neither. But lucky for you, San Franciscans do a lot of things you probably wouldn’t think of doing. [SFist]

Do you hate this obnoxious heat wave we’ve been in for the past few days? Well we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it’s not going away any time soon. [San Jose Mercury News]

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doctor's office

F*ck, these budget cuts have teeth. Still, the surgeon’s hand must have slipped when it shaved off 23 percent of University Health Services’ annual budget (about $2 million.) No really, faculty pay cuts and student fee hikes are a pain and all, but what are we supposed to do when we get swine flu? See what to expect next time you visit the Tang Center (grab on to your wallet and brace yourself): read more »


The campus was kind enough to send us all another friendly reminder that we shouldn’t panic about swine flu. This, of course, assumes that we had some reason to panic in the first place about “the increasing, but still limited, number of influenza-like illnesses we are experiencing on campus.”

So, there you have it. No reason to panic, except that more people are getting it, the school has set up an ominously-named “Pandemic Flu Preparedness Team” and if you had flu-like symptoms this summer, you probably already had it.

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swine-fluJust a day after The World Health Organization declared swine flu a global pandemic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers movie download , the virus has proven lethal for two middle-aged Alameda County men who were already hospitalized for unrelated reasons.

And apparently their deaths aren’t as anomalous as they seem: There’s already been 50 confirmed cases of swine flu and 10 probable cases in the county. Malcolm X Elementary in Berkeley was even closed for two days in May after a child was diagnosed with the flu.

So you can put away your various “when pigs fly”-related jokes, because the pigs have flown kids. We suggest you start pimpin’ out your new face mask.

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Alameda County Marks Its First Two Swine Flu-Related Deaths [Daily Ca

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I can haz bioHAZard?After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

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The Internet has long been considered the ultimate in information. So when you ask it a question (dot org, no less), and it gives you an answer, you believe it. You believe it absolutely.

This is why we were, uh, somewhat alarmed when we asked it the question on everyone’s mind:

“Do I have swine flu?”

And this was the response we got. Ha, Internet. We get it. Because everyone’s panicking about swine flu and stuff? Oh mans, Internet, that is so incredibly clever and topical and … NOT FUNNY.

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Do You Have Swine Flu? [Website download Ralphie May: Prime Cut

download Carver ]
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3478685329_5774ee9047Disclaimer: All ye gullible college students, do not take the PSA at right seriously. Or, do. If beer pong doesn’t exacerbate the dreaded herp then we seriously doubt it’s going to spread swine flu.

Which doesn’t mean the potential pandemic shouldn’t be taken at least sort of kind of seriously. Thus far at least 149 people in Mexico have died of suspected swine flu (only 20 confirmed); cases have also sprung up in several states this side of the border, including California; and a few have been reported in various other countries across the globe.

However, according to Dr. Tomas Aragon of UC Berkeley’s Center for Infectious Disease and Emergency Readiness (not the catchiest title, is it?), we have a ways to go before the outbreak reaches pandemic status. And that’s all very well and good, although the Clog has noticed a rather irritating trend in the eruption of freaked-out articles that are currently infesting our interwebs: plenty of hooplah about people dying, but not too much info about the symptoms. The more research we do, the more it sounds suspiciously like the common cold.

Not helpful. If we’re going to keel over of piggy illness at any moment, we’d like to at least know it’s coming.

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Developments on swine flu worldwide [SFGate]
Ways to go before outbreak becomes a pandemic [SFGate]