A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Girl Scouts’ new “cookie program:” a full-scale sales operation including rallies, phone banking, the Internet and even personal texts. The good ol’ days when an adorable smile and a sash were all a girl needed to sell a box of cookies appeared to be over.

While we patiently awaited a cookie call or a Tagalong text, we spotted something that all our careful Clogging had shown to be impossible: Girl Scouts … in the flesh. For the past couple of days, and until sometime next week, the much-loved cookie-bearers are on the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph Avenue, at the entrance of campus. Keep an eye out!

In case you haven’t noticed, the Clog kinda has a thing for all kinds of confections, and Girl Scout cookies (some of us ex-scouts ourselves) hold a special place in our stomachs’ hearts. If you spot any other Girl Scout cookie activity around the city, drop us the cross streets.

Image Source: Ruby Lee