So here we are, beloved Cloggers. Tomorrow is the Oct. 7 protest of cuts to public education funding (complete with possible walkout). Today there is a sort of kickoff to tomorrow’s events: the teach-in. We will be hearing from many speakers, both students and professors(?) alike. So sit back, relax, and hit refresh repeatedly as we delve into this evening’s teach-in. read more »

The Clog was walking through Wheeler Hall (or Dwinelle, we can’t remember—they’re so similar) when it spotted a mightily-attractive poster concerning public higher education, albeit one with very little information.

It’s promoting an event titled “THE CRISIS of the PUBLIC UNIVERSITY” and seems to want to draw an audience based on name-recognition of the speakers—no mention of what anyone will be saying.

And the speakers, according to the poster, are read more »

We promised we’d be bringing you all the latest from the walk-out and teach-in. And here we are, at the teach-in. Hopefully I’ll come up with a better picture by the end of the night (EDIT: As of 1 a.m., we have new pictures, courtesy of Hannah Jewell), and I’m also willing to bet good money that someone’s going to trip over my laptop cord at some point.

So without further ado… read more »

When we read that headline, we were confused, too. Iraq War Teach-In? What is this, a How-To session on waging preemptive wars?

This Friday’s line-up at Zellerbach Auditorium includes a talk on “Pentagon Papers: Secrets and Lies in the Vietnam War and the Iraq War” and “Panel on Torture, Aggressive War & Presidential Power: The Constitutional Crisis”. UC Berkeley undergrad and Iraq War veteran Cleavon Gilman will be giving his spiel, but will also be sharing the spotlight with pacifist Vietnam War veteran Brian Willson. One of the organizers of the teach-in laments that “everyone’s anti-war, but that hasn’t stopped the war”, and hopes that tomorrow’s events will help educate anyone and everyone on the basics of this war against … terror? The Middle East? Right to oil? Oh right, the war for democracy. That’s it. Let the learning begin! read more »