The next time you’re schmoozing with friends at the Clog’s highest rated pizza parlor, check out the Guinness you’re chugging. Tastes like it was drawn from a keg? Well, it wasn’t. It came from a can.

Discerning imbibers of beer will holler in outrage, but Guinness’s new tinker toy, the “Surger”- a tiny metal device, with an upraised platform that’s just the right fit for a glass- has the capability to magic plain ol’ canned beer into keg beer by injecting it with, uh, ultrasonic soundwaves. Or something. read more » scientists just unveiled a machine that can read your brain.

No kidding? In “Nature” magazine this week, a group of the university’s neuroscientists published an article about a new scanner system that can gauge what you’re seeing by deciphering activity levels in your brain. According to the article, the machine unscrambles and then matches the brain waves in your head to the images that are being presented to you for viewing.

Jack Gallant, the head of the study, tells the inquisitive student to “imagine that we begin with a large set of photographs chosen at random. You secretly select just one of these and look at it while we measure your brain activity. Given the set of possible photographs and the measurements of your brain activity, the decoder attempts to identify which specific photograph you saw.” read more », being the erudite, technologically-savvy UC Berkeley student you are, already knew that every time you take that “How good a lover are you?” quiz survey on Facebook, you’re actually contributing to the generation of tens of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue on the net. But did you know that some of that money may be going to the bespectacled, weedy computer science major who’s just gotten onto the 52L, lurched down the aisle, and unloaded the several tons worth of textbooks strapped to his back onto the row of plastic blue seats across from you? Yeah. We didn’t, either.

Ankur Nagpal, who interviewed with BusinessWeek last week, is that man. Boy. 19-year-old. In between classes, the guy develops widgets–facebook widgets. The Clog would like to observe that widget is such a cute word for such a terror-mongering, profile-cluttering, headache-inducing, “Goddamn stop sending me those Oregon Trail invitations before I drown you with your @&(*#*!* oxen” spam magnet. This does not include the Lolcats application–we’ll always love us some Lolcats applications.

Oh, yeah–where were we? After fighting off Mojo Jojo’s agents of evil and beating out Muhammad Yunus by singlehandedly bringing about an end to world hunger, Nagpal goes on to sell his widgets to networks like Social Media Networks for anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to $40,000. read more »