Amidst all the election excitement (or disappointment for any elephant lovers), this may seem a wholly irrelevant topic to bring up. But we’ll choose to think of it as a healthy break from all the politics. If you don’t agree, you can make it democratic and vote amongst yourselves.

Alongside thinking about the country’s future, we as students have to consider our own. What sort of classes are we going to take next semester? How many? Do we have any requirements left to fulfill? Counselors are there to help, but there are still a lot of decisions we have to make on our own. It comes down to choice, and sometimes the ones left just plain suck.


Take for example a student ahead of the game. By the end of the middle of their sophomore year, they’ve finished all their college requirements as well as their breadth courses. They wouldn’t be in Berkeley if they weren’t forward-thinking and academically-minded (we hope), so it makes sense that they’d have these done with in a timely manner. But what happens in these cases is that there’s technically nothing left to take but major and possible minor requirements. The student’s become so far ahead of the game that they’ve put themselves out of it. They probably won’t get priority for some of the upper division classes they’re interested in, and they’ve done everything else they need to. Should they just take classes for fun now? That’s too novel a concept to wrap your head around. Besides, Berkeley isn’t supposed to be an academic vacation, if there is such a thing.

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The Dreaded Email

This email came out last Monday, without any warning at all. What followed it was an email from the Office of the Registrar, titled “Telebears for Spring 2013???????,” give or take a couple question marks. This multitude of inquisitive punctuations mirrored the look on our faces: TELE-BEARS ALREADY?! We’ve only been in our current classes for a little over a month, and we have to start thinking about our NEXT semester of classes? Plus deal with the wrath of the telebear? As Berkeley students, we all know the feeling. We have to figure out which classes to take in the first place, refine that list, organize them so that there are no conflicts and nap-time can be fit in, and then do it all again when Tele-BEARS shreds that first plan in an office-grade shredder.

With less than two weeks before Phase I descends upon us, here are some tips to make the best of schedule-planning season:

Talk to your major/college advisor – So we can probably all agree that we are independent students who can handle our own responsibilities! Many extend this to their schedule-building. But so few know that major advisors are such a great and underutilized resource! They know your major best — it’s their job — and can thus show you what classes you need to take, when you need to take them by, degree options that you may not be aware of and, we know this has probably killed a lot of you, which classes are during available in certain semesters. They are here to help you! And they’re hella nice people to boot. Find yours here.

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The fall 2010 schedule of classes is up and you should be able to see when your Tele-BEARS appointment is. Unfortunately, from here it looks like Aman’s interface is down, so you’ll have to rely on the time-tested method of figuring out your classes using sextants, trigonometry and the constellations. Oh yeah, then there’s also this little thing-a-majig from the ASUC. So midterms aren’t even over and you have to worry about next semester? Damn straight.

Image Source: Jon Bradley Photography under Creative Commons
fall 2010 schedule of classes

Campus MovieFest, the largest student film festival in the world, began its world tour right here in Berkeley. Participating students were given an Apple laptop, a camcorder, and a week to play filmmaker. The final films were shown Friday, Sept. 12 in Wheeler.

The show started at 7:30 p.m., but if you got there an hour early you could play sound-less Guitar Hero on an AT&T cell phone attached to their kiosk. Yay! It was hard to forget who their sponsors were with the shameless amounts of AT&T plugs, even a category “Best Use of Mobile Technology.” But the free iPod Nano giveaways made us forget about the bombardment of corporate sponsorship, at least momentarily. (Video after the jump.)

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Phase II of Telebears starts July 18, and you need to fill out your schedule. If you’re looking for electives and classes that won’t kill your GPA, look no further than majoring in Mass Comm. We’re kidding. Of course.

Taking the advice of posters on the UC Berkeley LiveJournal Community, we compiled a list of classes to consider when you need just a few more units for fall semester.

Unfortunately, UC Berkeley does not offer any real basket weaving courses.

Sliding Number of Units

  • Any DeCal listed on the site.
  • These courses will be up at the end of July. The site tends to list the courses progressively (and not all at once), so you may want to check back often.

    2 Units

  • Integrative Biology C82: Introduction to Oceans, MW 1-2 p.m. in 155 Dwinelle
  • 3 Units

  • Nutritional Science and Toxicology 10: Introduction to Human Nutrition, MW 2-3 p.m. in 150 Wheeler
  • Physics C10: Physics for Future Presidents, TuTh 9:30-11 a.m. in 1 Pimentel
  • Psychology 130: Clinical Psychology, MW 2-3 p.m. in 100 GPB
  • Psychology 150: Psychology of Personality, TuTh 10-11 a.m. in 100 GPB
  • Psychology 160: Social Psychology, MW 9-10 a.m. in 100 GPB
  • One community member said that a friend took Social Pyschology, an “awesome and absurdly easy” class.

    “A final composed of 2 short essays that you get the prompt to weeks before? Sounds pretty easy to me,” the member added.

    4 Units

  • Asian American Studies 20A: Introduction to the History of Asians in the United States, MWF 10-11 a.m. in 145 Dwinelle
  • College Writing 110: Advanced Composition: Challenging Writing, TuTh 2-3:30 p.m. in 14 Haviland
  • Development Studies C10: Introduction to Development, TuTh 12:30-2 p.m. in 2060 VLSB
  • Linguistics 5: Language and Linguistics, MWF 3-4 p.m. in 120 Latimer
  • Linguistics 55AC: The American Languages, MWF 3-4 p.m. in 145 Dwinelle
  • Sociology 3AC: Principles of Sociology, MWF 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in 105 Stanley
  • Another community member said of the College Writing course:

    bq. A great workshop class to improve your writing in a pretty stress free environment with a great laid back teacher. First day of class she comes out and says she gives everyone A’s as long as they come to class and do the work, which isn’t too bad.

    5 Units

  • Any foreign language course.
  • On student claimed that a language course is “awesomely fun and an easy 5-unit A.”

    When it comes to finding a decent schedule, we wish you the best of luck. We’ve seen some pretty gnarly schedules, and those students are never too happy with that. We suggest Aman’s UCB Schedule Planner. Word on the street is … it’s pretty sweet.

    UCB LJ Community–Easy Classes [LJ Seek]
    Search Fall 2007 [Online Schedule of Classes]