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Good smells, coming soon

Sheng Kee, notable for its Chinese pastries, will be opening a store on Telegraph Ave. Watch out food trucks, you got some competition coming your way.

Located right on the edge of campus next to The Toaster Oven, Sheng Kee is sure to get everyone fat as hell. They’re also hiring, so if y’all are lookin’ for a job, get on that. Otherwise, be ready for the dessert invasion.

Image source: Lynn Yu, Daily Cal

Cafe-MedIt’s one small step for Telegraph, but one giant leap for studentkind: Berkeley’s very first, very own 24-hour hangout (maybe).

Caffe Med’s 24-hour permit‘s been approved, but the owner Craig Becker hasn’t decided what to do with it: “We haven’t decided the hours yet, but we wanted to get the permit to be able to have a choice … if it’s busy enough at night, we might decide that we need permanently extended hours, and that would have to involve trial and error.”

Meanwhile, the Berkeley city’s Planning Commission is still reviewing the Telegraph Business Improvement District’s proposal to extend retail hours from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. (bar-goers, drunkards and late-night stoners, rejoice).

Image source: Matthew Miller via Daily Cal
Caffe Mediterraneum approved for 24-hour business [Daily Cal]