A Beautiful Mascot.

A Beautiful Mascot.

When we at the Clog first heard about the new eatery on Telegraph Avenue, we were bit perplexed by its concept. Pasta-In-A-Box ? Sure, the name conjures up an image of the casual, “walk in wearing sweatpants and an over-sized T-shirt” dining experience the owners were probably going for, but pasta in a box is by no means an unique concept. As far as we know, if you order pasta for take-out in any other restaurant, you will probably receive pasta in some sort of box.  Perhaps Pasta-In-A-Box should have been more daring during the conceptual process- like “Pasta-In-A-Sphere” or “Pasta-In-An-Octagon” a la Gregoire. Maybe, even simply confuse customers with some surreal label such as “Pasta-In-A-Void.” In any case, the Clog was obligated to eat at a place that was honest enough to straight up call itself Pasta- In -A-Box. read more »


We would like to first apologize for not providing a beautiful photograph of the man himself to enhance this mediocre article (yeah, we know you don’t come here for the writing). Twiggy, as he likes to go by, is a little camera shy per se — maybe he thinks that a photo captures a part of his soul, but then again he doesn’t seem like a Zoolander fan.

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Telegraph detour

Clogger: “So, what’s the occasion for this block-party?”

Block partier: “We’re just partying on our streets. We wanna tell the police and corporations that these are our streets.”

Clogger: “Oh … sweet.”

On Saturday night, Telegraph Avenue — between Dwight and Haste — turned into a blues-guitar playing, bowling pin juggling, hacky-sack kicking block party that was not exactly legal, but fun-filled nevertheless.

Well, fun if you’re the type who likes to rebel against the local government and sit (or lie) in the middle of the street while police “politely” remove your trash barrels and makeshift “Block Party” sign that was written on a yellow rag. And, even more fun if you love read more »


All right, so we’re kind of putting words in people’s mouths. But that does seem to be the subtext of a recent survey conducted by the UC Graduate Assembly and Associated Students of the University of California, which found Berkeley students reluctant to patronize the Telegraph Avenue and downtown districts for anything other than food.

After all, three-quarters of respondents said the streets are too dirty, and 65 percent complained that there are too many homeless hanging around. About that many also stated that they don’t feel safe enough walking around — the main danger ostensibly being big scary read more »

Lance Iversen/San Francisco Chronicle

A new restaurant will be opening later this summer at 2826 Telegraph Avenue, not far from Andronico’s in what was once home to a revolving door of unlucky restaurants (most recently, Locanda da Eva). Will Origen, the child of Nibblers Eatery‘s chefs Daniel Clayton and Trace Leighton, be the one to stay?

Look for a selection of international small plates, a daily changing prix fixe menu and in-house wood-fired pizza, all made from sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. We’re thinking Origen, which is Catalan for “from the source,” will be something like a Gather meets Cesar love child.

Image source: Lance Iversen/ SF Chronicle
Origen headed to Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue [Inside Scoop]


Are you a big fan of bumper stickers, tie-dye items, psychedelic vagina necklaces or other wares peddled by Berkeley’s motley but charming band of street vendors? Well, you’re in luck.

Last week, the Berkeley City Council unanimously approved changes to an ordinance which would allow the vendors to stay open until midnight instead of mandating that they close at 9 p.m.

The change goes into effect Oct. 27, and is aimed at creating a friendlier, safer environment on Telegraph Ave. late at night, but it remains to be seen whether the vendors will take advantage of the expanded hours, or packing up at the same time they always have.

Image Source: Christopher Chan under Creative Commons
Telegraph Street Vendors’ Hours to Be Extended [Daily Cal]

3899423168_b9bbf0c208If you’ve been just as freaked out as folks at the Clog by the recent southside-wide exercise in arson, this should come as some relief.

One of People’s Park’s consistent denizens–Travis Eugene Churchill, whose mug strikes us as (not surprisingly) familiar–was arrested and charged Tuesday with setting fire to a recycling bin near Sam’s Market on Telegraph Avenue.

Surveillance footage shot a bit before 4 a.m. Tuesday morning caught Churchill leaving the scene of the crime; he was arrested in People’s Park at about 5 p.m. that day, wearing clothing identical to that of the perpetrator on film.

Although it’s currently unknown whether he’s connected to the previous fires, there is, according to Sgt. Mary Kusmiss, a “definitive link.” Not to point fingers or anything, but we totes thought it was drunk students all along.

Image Source: rococohobo under Creative Commons
Arrest in latest Berkeley arson fire [SF Gate]

Gamboling about Telegraph Avenue will inevitably land the inquisitive meal-seeker near that street’s very own restaurant row. What ho, though, for the face of it has changed! What used to be Slurp is now newest addition Thai Noodle II, now with added roman numerals and a few less scribbly, paint-blotch works of art mounted on the walls. This intrepid Clogger is happy to report that the new location’s scheduled to open tomorrow; and if not tomorrow, sometime in the following week at the latest.

Thai Noodle II will serve the same steaming plates of cheap deliciousness, but it’s doing a few things different from the original. read more »

Last night’s carousing flooded today’s Youtube channels with blurry, pixelated videos of student mobs engaged in acts of flag-waving, slogan-chanting, generally euphoric tomfoolery. People popped bottles of bubbly! Hung from rafters! Scrambled atop AC Transit buses and rode down the streets, beaming and waving to their friends! A little bird tells us that the pervasive mood of ecstatic joy also induced many students to rip off their clothes. We approve. Naturally, it was all on YouTube by the next day.

A few more videos follow after the jump. For good measure, and all that. read more »


 Berkeley is obviously known for it’s eccentrics–heck, even the Wikipedia article on Telegraph Avenue includes them in its list of Telegraph’s “diverse audience of visitors.” Even alumni will tell which oddities frequented Upper Sproul in their day.And it seems that a new character has migrated into the entertainment playing in front of Dwinelle Hall (or this Clogger just hasn’t paid previous attention). We don’t know his name, but we can try to prove that he is somehow more eccentric than the other Southside eccentrics.The new character was carrying a carrying a large wooden sign that said “lennonmurdertruth.com.” Run by a certain Steve Lightfoot, the Web site claims that Stephen King shot John Lennon through a plot with Nixon and Reagan.The Web site seeks to promote Lightfoot’s booklet about the truth. What we specifically recommend checking out is the “About the Author” page. There, Lightfoot claims that
Even Paul McCartney, who endorsed me live at Berkeley (see Web site) has retreated singing “…words of NON wisdom…” lately letting civilization slide into barbarism and banality. His recent 2002 concert passed without a relevant remark.

 (Note: We looked everywhere on Lightfoot’s Web site, and could not see any endorsement by Paul McCartney, much less in Berkeley.)So while you are seeking to procrastinate with your typical Facebook routine, show some support of your local oddities, and consider this new character’s cause as equally necessary to check into as “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.”If anything, please do us a favor, and laugh at the juxtaposition of these two causes, which situated themselves today side by side outside of Dwinelle. And while you’re at it, ask the new eccentric if he is actually the Steve Lightfoot.Image Source: Roy KerwoodThe Truth About John Lennon’s Murder [Home]

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